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  • Thanks for the reply, yeah things are much better currently. I hope they continue to improve...
    Good to see you back man. Your words meant alot to me, and I've since came out to my parents and friends. Just wanted to let you know.
    the way you stand up to certain figures, plus your unique way of argumentation in hot-button threads. it's quite refreshing. i don't think anyone can deign to dislike you.
    Thanks for your input on the threads about homosexuality, i really appreciate your input in comparison to mine which is often minor.
    Struggling with my inability to decide what i "like", my friend. By the way friend keep up the good fight.
    But like a phoenix, it'll riseeeeeeee again.

    BTW, nice speech in the school prom thread :goodjob:
    You told me to be careful and I interpreted it as you telling me to be careful lest I become 100% GAY.

    What did you mean with flaming? :lol:
    :lol: Yeah. I'll go watch I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry again, just to have my gayness rekindled.

    I'm actually feeling like seeing it next time. I'm sure you and your Gay Council would like it!
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