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  • So, you consider it a potential life.

    Thing is, I consider it a life, as do a few politicians (Sarah Palin is one) so to some people its important. However, I still hate the guys who use it for political gain.

    For Iraq, it wasn't for oil, it was to free Iraq. You can debate whether it was necessary, but it was to free Iraq and that was a noble cause. I want everyone to have a chance to have the freedom we have. Its a dream, but Iraq was a step towards that.

    Still, that doesn't mean we managed it correctly.

    As for the UN, its not a conspiracy (At least, I'm not claiming it is) but it is run by the left-wingers. The US is the lone right-wing nation in the first world, and even they are pretty much left wing now. The US is a soverign nation, and the UN can't tell them what to do. The same can be said of THE PEOPLE of any nation, but not for tyrants.
    On Interventionalism- While I (Somewhat) think countries and states should be allowed to decide for themselves, some issues need to be decided on a global scale. Not by the UN though (They support the left-wing initiative in Europe.)

    For some reason, I often think the United States has the right to decide other people's affairs, but of course, we still have our own problems too.

    As for Iraq, you do get we can't just leave now correct?
    I agree with you on English.

    As for abortion, how can you think it is unimportant though? I really don't get that. Do you believe an unborn infant is a life or not?

    If so, it is absolutely important, to the point where even the states cannot decide. In that case, the federal government must illegalize it.

    If it isn't a life, I can see it being less important, but still, the liberals consider an abortion a right. As I consider the feotus a life, I cannot say it is trivial. I'm not really sure what stance on it can allow it to be unimportant.

    Of course, the politicians who conveiniently change their position on abortion are frustrating too.
    Continued from my other VM:

    Especially the one's who "Decide" to change their opinion from Pro-Choice to "Mostly Pro-Life" come election time (HINT: His name is John Mccain.)

    As for illegals, as far as I'm concerned, anyone willing to go through the work of learning English, getting a job in the US, filling out all the paperwork, taking all the classes, understanding US history, exc. I think should be allowed in.

    This makes it harder on some but also is fair to all and lets anyone willing to go through the effort to get in able to get in. I don't want anything close to open borders, because then the US will be crazy crowded and there will be job shortages, but I think everyone should at least have a chance to get in if they want it.

    That said, right now, it is illegal, and politicians should not be above the law, thus when people oppose enforicing it, especially politicians, it disgusts me.
    Actually, I'm a radical Right-Winger on Fiscal and Foreign issues but actually centre-left, for the USA, on social issues. I'm not crazy left there, but not really right either. I mean, if gay people want to live together, I see no reason for the state to stop them, even if its immoral. However, I am bothered by the ones who have to go all public about their "Rights" and try to abolish the fundamentals of the family (This isn't all of them, but some of them.)

    As for abortion, I've honestly never heard that particular position before, one of apathy, and am curious how you've come to the conclusion of "It doesn't matter." If a feotus is a life, we've killed over eight times as many people as Hitler has, which is honestly enough that I can call our country barbaric. If you don't think the baby is a life, you generally consider it included in "Women's Rights."

    Sometimes the centrists annoy me the most though (The politicians anyhow.) \
    Continuing my other post (I only had 1,000 chars)

    3. Well:

    Sarah Palin still is pro-choice, when the life of the mother is in danger.

    I am pro-life no matter the situation.

    Sarah Palin supports state's rights on the issue of abortion

    I think its murder and should be banned everywhere.

    Palin supports a "Path to citizenship" for illegals.

    I think illegals should be deported, period.

    She believes Global Warming Might be an issue

    I don't think it is, period
    About the thread about Sarah Palin:

    1. I never said she wasn't conservative. I said I was more conservative than she was (In other words, she's not conservative enough.) I think she's kinda conservative, but not enough so to speak.

    2. Just curious, but:

    1. You are a Republican

    2. You don't support Mccain (As per above)

    3. You think the people who are more conservative than Mccain (Such as Palin) are "Insane."

    Just for curiosity, what is your political position then?
    What? I spend a whole day of doing nothing on this American holiday, and I come to the forums expecting to see an awesome update, and I see that you are either late in writing or late in posting it? How dare you have a day off too! NEVER AGAIN.
    No problem :)

    Please, just plug along, you will find it hard to write interesting things when all people are doing is expanding. BE concise boring, most people skim read the update, and concentrate more on the map and the stats!

    It will be many many updates when things begin to get cramped that it will start to get "interesting"
    Didn't mean to be rude, just takes a big to get me "interested" in a fresh start, so many die before update 3! I do mean to play an amazon nation :D
    Oh, on the vast scale of Africa, nothing of value. You have the whole world to play with, all we ask is to be allowed our claims too.
    Has parliament sat over this issue yet? ;)

    Certianly near our holdings near the horn of Africa, we would appreciate you not being offended by excursions there, an we would then be in debt to you for the future?
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