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  • I appreciate you fighting the good fight against Dommy, but you have to wonder if it's all in vain. :(
    I know you didn't mean that, but I don't mind at all what country I'm given and what established relationships that country has. Also, I don't want to tread on anybody's toes and I'm not really committing myself to the NES at all until I've seen the ruleset. It's also more fun if I get a surprise, and besides I'm going to bed in a few minutes if I can persuade myself to stop staring at the computer screen... :p
    I'm really not bothered who I play in SMW. Take what you like, and I'll just take Greece if there's nothing much left. :)
    My post must have failed, so I will try again.

    You can send economic orders now and start training troops. If you let those 100 soon-to-retire soldiers train your troops, you will get them ready faster. You currently have 6 militia ready in that separated coastal region, and another 3 militia just on the other side; collecting them means you can do stuff with them, but if they lose then you lose the entire region rather quickly instead of with significant local resistance.
    Well, that's part of why I oppose wars (Generally, not out of pacifism, WWII was a good war, I'm not too ideologically driven to admit that:p) The state has no right to force me to fight for them. Particularly in a war of aggression. Its a form of slavery. In a self-defense case I could see it being a lesser evil than the alternative (Letting a bunch of unarmed civilians get killed) but you can't really make that argument for aggressive wars.
    Wow you've changed;) In 2008 you were saying you backed Obama over Mccain because Obama would pull out of Iraq:p

    I honestly don't think our imperial policy is helping anything other than getting people ticked off at us. No, I'm not saying we were somehow asking for 9-11, or any crap like that, but the motivations seem to be based on our imperialist foreign policy.

    And I honestly think Israel would be fine defending themselves if we just let them. It is only because the UN, backed by US military, is backing Palestine's existance that is giving Israel such a problem with its own defense.

    I honestly think the solution to Iran is to ignore them. I imagine you disagree with me. Just consider the debt argument for a second. Can we really afford to police the world? With 16 trillion in debt, you really can't.

    Finally, if war caused you to be drafted, would you feel differently about starting one?
    Well I don't like TR's imperialism although you could probably have guessed that. I honestly don't know enough about his anti-trust laws to really know if they are needed or not, however. I support preventing monopolies from existing if necessary.

    As for international stuff, just realize you are advocating taking US tax dollars and using them to pay for people in other countries, in other words, THEY are not getting anything for their money. I consider that immoral, but I guess that's to be expected.

    Do you think we should have done Iraq now? Or are you still opposed to that one? What about Romney's threats of intervention in Iran?
    I know you said awhile ago you were a South Park Republican. Have you changed your position since then?

    What do you think about surveilance stuff (Patriot Act, the new TSA regulations under Obama, and other "Security" stuff?) I despise that stuff and think our foreign policy is a big part of it. Because in wartime the government has managed to get away with anything and everything.

    My foreign policy has DRAMATICALLY changed in the last two years. My social policies and fiscal policies have changed a bit, and occasionally move back and forth from center-libertarian to far-libertarian (By American standards) but my foreign policy has done a complete, total 180.

    What gives us the right to police the world, exactly? It took me as long to realize that we really don't as it did for me to think about the issue.
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