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  • Just wondering, who you backing in the 2012 election for US President? And a more general question, what exactly differentiates between "South Park Republicans" and just normal small-government conservatives or even libertarians.
    I was out when you wanted me on AIM, I'm going to be home all day today so when you can just get on and hit me up YO!
    Actually, your stats in the thread are correct. Thats strange. I must have picked up on it and fixed it up without changing what it said in the influence summary/
    Hmm. Must have been a typo. I think your attempt succeeded and then the Hungarian one beat yours or something, and I forgot to fix it up. I'll change your stats now, I think you have 1 IP and EP too many.

    Thanks for clearing that up :)
    Your influence attempt failed. I think it was in the influence summary I added in the post below.
    Well, it's morning now, but nonetheless I still await your orders.

    It's alright. At this rate I would have to do Keltia last anyways, due to how complex it is.
    Sorry again for not informing you, i'm pointing the warriors south and keeping the main friendly ones around, since they are bordering me at the moment. The ones that come to you, you can deal witht hem as you wish and as you think is best. If you have a problem, please tell me, and I'll see what I can do about it, and if you want to take a different course of action, tell me, and I will help out.
    What's your call on the situation in Eastern Keltia at the moment? And do you need reinforcements or support on your end?
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