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  • Hi! You haven't sent in orders for The Fated Dead. Luckily I don't have time for writing the update today, but I'll start writing it tomorrow, so you have until tomorrow to write up your actions for the month.
    Absolutely! I've just been a bit busy, I can't wait to get the next chapter written in our first contact.
    Do you have a response to that proposal I ostensibly sent you for DominatrNES? [cease assimilating the Usir via culture in return for the Keweenai accepting a trade of the wheel in return for mining]
    it's a possibility, is all. I'm just dicking around the map, a bit, looking at things... Do whatever makes YOU happy.

    Vaults are still really good.... Or military Bunkers.
    Botwawki is kinda slow, really doesn't require so much work. There's plenty of space to start in south Alabama or the Carolinas... The Charleston Area hasn't been explored at all, yet! Fort Sumter might be a a good place, and there's a strategic Weapons lab there.
    Going well, it's just a complex update and I've been distracted by some non-NES things, which has slowed me down.
    Just so you know, a bushel is a literal measurement of food. 1 Bushel of Corn = 1 Barrel of Corn = Every other barrel of Corn. I think you meant higher Yield per Acre i.e. per measurement of Land?
    Go ahead and just name an RL city/describe location, and I can call it good enough, if you do the rest.
    The Core introduction and character formats are now up, with OOC OP and Wiki edits underway. The official thread will soon be posted.
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