• Paradox Games has announced today their new game “Millennia”, a semi-historical turn-based 4X game. Find out more here .
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  • Pfft, its not my fault I joined and then didn't really post for about 2 years!

    (care to calculate what my pc would have to be to reach said challenge?)
    Ey iggy?
    DragoNES is finally moving =) So your map will soon be taken in use!

    Also, if you have time/want to join, it would be awesome =D
    All i can say is: I <3 it.

    Anyways iggy: If you every think about joining M&ANES II, it would be awesome =D
    Iggy? Youve asked alot of questions on my map, so i just wanted to know: Are you making one? =(
    Can I play as the Northerners rather than the Gamorrea civilization that is collapsing?
    Hey I've never noticed you are two days older than me. Very close birthdates. Creeeeeepy.
    Yes- I'm going to be one of the very last people in the world to finish my exams- I have extra time for Philosophy HL.
    It's Iggy! Man, how's IB treating you? Can't believe that it's almost over. It's too fast, I need more time to study.
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