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  • Come play ImmacuNESV Blood from a Stone. Players tell me its fun... and it doesn't leave your hair all messy like some NESes i won't mention.
    Apparently I hit a nerve.

    [10:32] <Perfectionist> What the Masada
    [10:32] <Perfectionist> Just how much do you hate Thlayli
    Iggy can you do #nes? Night falleth in merrie Englande and the deadline verily approacheth apace.
    We must urge the Sarifaio to issue the proposed diplomacy pretty soon, or the Ayasi and Talephas won't have the chance to reply.
    I also said that he's VERY territorial. He's not going to back off to what he views is his turf AKA the city of Farrey
    Iggy I would had liked to write a story, but your updating schedule is ridiculous so just press on the attack on Farrey.

    I guess its a good thing I'm a Kaiju so I can get away with such simplistic orders :p
    Until I reach, attack, and destroy Farrey, assume my orders for every turn is to simply do that
    I think I would rather have him as an enemy than an ally. ;)

    Send CivIVNES Orders! I really need you to move on that or pass up your spot to someone else.
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