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  • Howdy!

    I hope I wasn't writing too argumentatively in the "learning philosophy"-thread. My point wasn't to belittle philosophers, which is the impression I might have given. I'm not a big fan of "my discipline is better than yours"-fights...

    I just understood that I could have put the whole thing I was saying there in a more positive way: that philosophy is a discipline that requires from it's practiser more wide understanding of life than some others.
    You should probably try to pay more attention to whether I'm being serious before you respond to my posts. :p
    Not a problem, it is a common problem and I think it has run its course by now. Until next time!!!
    Btw I just very belatedly read your response on the morality of national and world inequality (tl;dr-mentality take over) and I am utterly convinced by your points and gist.
    Too tired to read your post and give it it's fair consideration, but I will get to it and know that I'm enjoying this discussion far more than the average CFC:OT conversation.

    P.S. your avatar is hilarious
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