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Jan 18, 2018
Jan 21, 2007
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Mar 22, 1986 (Age: 33)
where mise

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staring at the clock, 33, from where mise

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Jan 18, 2018
    1. Bobbtjoe
      72 friends!!! HOLY CRAP!
    2. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      So this is how these conversations work. Now I know why posts in people's profile never made any sense :blush:
    3. Huayna Capac357
      Huayna Capac357
      Yo, fellow New Englander.
    4. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      My pooter died and this one isn't mine so I can't put mIRC on it. A new one comes this week, though!
    5. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      Luuuucyyyyyy you gots some essplainin to doooo
    6. Angst
      Could I see wherever that avatar of yours came from at some point?
    7. dutchfire
      wanna play some scrabble?
    8. Mowque
      I think She is trying to be friends with everyone!
    9. LightFang
      Hey Lucy! Yeah man, too bad I'm not going to a fancy East Coast school like Gogf is or I'd visit!
    10. warpus
      woohoo, we're friends
    11. Till
    12. Angst
      Want to see the clip(s) it(them)self(ves)? :p


      They're on Youtube, I can link them.
    13. Angst
      Hi Lucy. It was already guessed by Dachs, so if you're going for the cookie mentioned in the avatar discussion, it's already given.

      But no. It's a back. :p It's a cropped frame from Akira, a nasty science fiction anime from the late eigthies I think. The avatar is displaying Tetsuo Shima's back as he is being transformed into a huge baby-like fleshy creature and consumes all of his friends, including a girl in dear love with him who pops like a zit when clenched between his entrails (Yes he sorta grows with his skin covering his friends) and the blood flows out; it is a splendidly horrific scene that freaks me out every time I watch it. The movie itself is somewhat gory.

      I don't know why I wrote all of this, perhaps too much information of what you wanted to hear. Oh well. :p
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    Mar 22, 1986 (Age: 33)
    where mise
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