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  • Hi man, you know or play the MOD for civilization BtS 3.19 Fall from Heaven II ? Its a amazing mod but I dont know much people playng him, if you play or know someone to play in multiplayer i m realy thank you for it!!!! I have a looooooong time searching for players but its very hard to find.... Thanks and I hope we can play somenday in multiplayer!!!!!

    Sorry for my bad bad english !!!!!

    You know I can just adjust your claims to not include anywhere in Italy and just include more of Austria, right? :p
    You are receiving this post because you once participated in an IOT called Land Ho! many moons ago. I am reviving it. Should be out today- watch for it.

    Warm Regards,

    Orders will lock in around ~20 hours, so make sure to post them if you want direct control of the situation! :)

    Also, as Secretary General of the UN this turn, you have a right to post a resolution for anything you want if you feel so inclined. Feel free to vote on the Multiple Resolutions Amendment, alternatively.
    What on earth are you talking about?? If you're referring to that VM with Omega, all I can say is:


    Blinding paranoia much?
    Just thought you should know that Hawai'i is going to war with you soon. Check Omega's VMs for confirmation if you need it
    Oh, I'm pretty happy these days. I'm a mod at WPC now, and I've been reaching out to a few people I miss. Feel free to come chat sometime.
    You have 5IC in IBR, your order mentioned only 4. If you don't let me know by the morning, I'll probably just put the extra IC towards stability.
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