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    Limits to Wonders and Religions

    Hello all, in the good old days I've heavily modded Civ2 and 3, but right now I have no time to learn the scripting necessary to mod 4 and 5, so I wonder if someone would be willing to make these mods or include them in some other? Limit to World Wonders, split civilizations in groups, and...
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    [TSL] Yet (not) Another Earth Maps Pack

    Hey Gedemon! I started playing Civ5 again a few months ago and found myself using your mod almost exclusively ;) Good to know you're still updating it! I still like to use my CS sub-mod, do you think it requires any updating on my part? Keep in mind I was away for a long time so I didnt...
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    Happy birthday Ares

    Happy birthday!!
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    Homeric World Graphic Pack

    Whoa, I dont know how I missed these!! I just added you to my list of favorite artists ;) Really awesome work and I'll have to see which ones I'll use in my not quite dead yet mod :)
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    The New World Mod

    Hey Sword, good luck with this! :) Its good to see you and RedAlert are still around :) maybe I'll do the same and resume work on my own mod with some changes I've been thinking about.
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    [MOD] Civ3 Evolution - Atlantean Chronicles

    Cool map! very usefull, although the sea-level drop in my mod is not so severe, since in my alternate story line the deglaciation was partial. Sorry if you're hoping to hear about updates to the mod, I have no idea when I'll resume work. Skyrim is taking the short free time I have :P If anyone...
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    [MOD] Civ3 Evolution - Atlantean Chronicles

    Hi Blue! Of course! No problem :) the map I use is not even 50% mine, dont remember the original author's name right now, but that info should be around here somewhere. I think I posted a version of it in the download database a long time ago.
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    [MOD] Civ3 Evolution - Atlantean Chronicles

    Hey guys! thanks for those links! Nice to see still some interest in this, you may make me go back to work on this mod :) Strange that I didnt get an email notification about a new post here, havent been comming to this forum in a regular basis lately.
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    Mississipians Mini-Pack

    These are great Shiro! Would love to see your Mississipian LH too :)
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    [MOD] Civ3 Evolution - Atlantean Chronicles

    Small update: Beta 3.2
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    [MOD] Civ3 Evolution - Atlantean Chronicles

    While looking for some info on early Canaan, I found this: That fits what I want, an alliance between Egypt and Canaan. And when I say Canaan I mean the earlier city-states and Phoenicia, not Israel. Lets say in my scenario, there is no breakup of the Egyptian empire, so no exudus.
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    [MOD] Civ3 Evolution - Atlantean Chronicles

    Yesterday I had some time to play a bit, and I concluded the changes I made to the city improvements of the American culture group are not enough to slow down the Atlanteans, they still develop too quickly, and I think the new tax bonus of the Noble Houses I set up to help other civs "buy" some...
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    [MOD] Civ3 Evolution - Atlantean Chronicles

    Ok I've done the changes I talked about above, Settlers are now buildable for ALL civs until you research Irrigation (you may want to avoid that in the first turns if you want to expand, the AI seems to do it), with Irrigation comes not only that important worker ability, but you can also build...
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    Happy birthday Rob (R8XFT)

    Same here, happy birthday Rob! :)
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    Shiro's Levante Pack

    Excelent work guys! These will come in handy!
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