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Mango Elephant
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Feb 17, 2018
Feb 12, 2009
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High School

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Mango Elephant


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Feb 17, 2018
    1. Kyriakos
      Did you draw your profile pic?
      If not, where is it from? Reminds me a bit of Munch :)
    2. emzie
      While I won't deny improved death form is helpful in battlegrounds, a free trinket slot is preferable.
    3. emzie
      3% spirit vs improved death. You chose the wrong race.
    4. Cynovolans
      State-NC, City-Catawba
    5. SonicTH
      Looks like Tails with green hair. :p I like. X3

      Indeed he is... but since this is a public conversation, I can't detail specific examples. ;)
    6. SonicTH
      I thought you wanted something cute... :p

      Tails is generally 8 in game, and 10 in the comics/cartoons. I've seen teen versions of him though. ;)

      I agree on Knux being sexy however! :goodjob: I could go into detail, but forum rules and all... :p
    7. SonicTH
      Hmm, what are your thoughts on Tails?

      He's generally pretty girly in most opinions...

      ...and furthermore, is often the first to turn gay. :lol:
    8. SonicTH
      Well, odd thing... for some reason, heterophobia is fear of girls, whereas homophobia is fear of gays... odd, you think it'd be fear of the same sex then...

      ..oh wait. Most homophobes are actually gays that are so in denial they hate what they don't wanna be. ;)

      I... see! Why not have a girly boy then? :mischief:
    9. SonicTH
      ..sheeeeee? Eeeep! *is heterophobic*

      I thought it was a flamboyant male tiger. :lol: Aww... I guess it'll have to do. =P Looks male from here at least...

      And yes, when timed right, I can make a lot of people lol a lot. ;)
    10. SonicTH
      If you read the file, you could probably find out. :p

      And yes, the hair fits perfectly! Flaming Tiger of Doom! ...sounds like some sort of martial arts move...
    11. SonicTH
      @ the new avatar:

      Niiiiice! :lol:

      The hair fits you perfectly. ;) (You're gay if I recall correctly, yes?)

      I wonder what that would be from...
    12. Askthepizzaguy
      I liked your posts in response to Domination3000 on the DADT thread.

      Sort of obvious which one knows what they are talking about.
    13. astrognash
    14. astrognash
      Cary. **sigh**
    15. astrognash
      The one that's a city, but calls itself a town.
    16. SonicTH
      Likewise; I'm boned if they find this. :hide:

      Well, I unfortunately had to take the link to my page down because it violates the forum rules. People will have to find it on their own, I suppose. (Though if you type in TaniciusFox, the first link in google is my page, so...) Thank you, though. :)
    17. SonicTH
      Even if some of them are just flat-out bizarre. :lol: (Muscle Shadow comes to mind)

      I'm not the most unique, just one of the people who actually realise there's no reason to fear the hordes here; as a furry, I know the internet is one of the few places where you can who you are, or failing that, whoever/whatever you want. So I encourage everyone to stop being so inhibited and not be afraid to admit all those dirty secrets about themselves. ;) We're all anonymous, aren't we?
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