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Mango Elephant
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Feb 17, 2018
Feb 12, 2009
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High School

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Mango Elephant


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Feb 17, 2018
    1. MartinLuther
      Who is that in your avatar. Ron Paul?
    2. ZeletDude
      I have work now... so I've been uber busy too.
    3. GhostWriter16
      On a personal level, I will freely admit Obama is very much a family man, and I will respect that even while I don't like him politically at all. However, he is a politician, and in typical manner that makes him a liar, and I don't respect those types at all.

      On fiscal issues I line up pretty much with the GOP, and the conservative members of the GOP at that.
    4. GhostWriter16
      How important abortion is to you is directly related to how you think about it. If you believe either the right to life begins at conception argument, or the "Women's body" argument, you will care a lot about the issue. If you're a radical conservative who wants to punish "Sluts" or a liberal who thinks it would be better to allow "Personal conscience" to dictate but personally has misgivings about it, those types of people will tend to care a lot less about abortion.

      Gay marriage, on the other hand, is an issue I think almost everyone takes way too seriously (On both sides.) I like that Ron Paul has more or less said "Leave it to the states" and refused to address it further.
    5. GhostWriter16
      I honestly don't know why you'd be a fan of Obama. I mean, I know he came out on gay marriage, which I know you like (To be honest, I don't care nearly as much as you'd think about that. He still supports state's rights to decide on the issue much like I do so it doesn't make a whit of difference to me.)

      I've always dislike Obama, and I disliked Mitt since I knew who he was. On Obama's part its nothing super-personal its that his economic plan is going to bankrupt our nation, and he only agrees with the GOP on all of the worst stuff (Patriot Act, foreign intervention, TSA, drug war, the like.) I dislike Romney, similarly, because he agrees with the liberals on all the bad stuff (Obamacare, even if he won't admit it), unfree markets, gun control, the like.

      I'm saying 4 < 8 this year but I still don't like Obama at all.

      If by "He's great" you mean Ron Paul, absolutely :goodjob:
    6. GhostWriter16
      I wish more people thought like us;)

      I'm so ticked at this whole "You only have two choices and you are throwing away your vote if you do anything else" line of thinking that is permeating OT now. If we only have two choices, in this election, we really only have one.

      I can't stand Romney and I don't like Obama:crazyeye:

      Ron Paul should have won:)
    7. GhostWriter16
      You actually a Ron Paul supporter?

      If so, welcome to the club:)
    8. ZeletDude
      Yes school has been bussy for me too.
    9. ZeletDude
    10. ZeletDude
      You should be jealous ;)..
      and damn get yo internet fixed boy.. :p
    11. ZeletDude
      Lol, I went to this Skype thread, and I am chatting with some Canadian French person!
    12. ZeletDude
      Get on skype sometime soon, :p
    13. ZeletDude
    14. Joecoolyo
      Wait really? That's one hell of a coincidence, and an awesome one at that! How did you find out that you were both CFCers?
    15. Joecoolyo
      Good to hear :lol:
    16. ZeletDude
      Maybe.. ;) It sounded like it.. hahahaaaa

      and tyvm
    17. ZeletDude
      Also! You did have a little bit of an accent... soooo cool :)
    18. ZeletDude
      Here is something you may appreciate!

      So I went to the movies today with friends, and one of them is hosting an exchange student from France! And she came along. It was cool, although she seemed kind of stuck up, perhaps it's because she's French :p?
    19. Double A
      Double A
      I live off of Lynn and went to Sanderson last year (graduated).
    20. Double A
      Double A
      I'm in the north... of half of Raleigh.
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