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Mango Elephant
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Feb 17, 2018
Feb 12, 2009
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High School

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Mango Elephant


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Feb 17, 2018
    1. ZeletDude
      Aw ;p... well cool cool.
    2. ZeletDude
      I do have a Skype , just look in my contact info haha
    3. ZeletDude
      I've been watching a lot of Parodies of Call me maybe, and One Direction..

      Also, you should go onto msn or FB more.. all my friend's have been ignoring me lately I'd like to talk to someone1 :PPP
    4. ZeletDude
      My summer is good, been playing baseball, next week I go camping in Oregon, then I go to Cali to stay with my super rich cousins.. :D

      And, I was addicted to that song when I did this theme for my avatar.. though I dreadfully need a new one now :(..

      Now I really like Call me maybe.. ;).

      jkjkjk.. though seriously, I need a new theme (ideas ;O?) thanks for reminding me!!
    5. ZeletDude
      Heya, how's your summer going!
    6. DroopyTofu
      DroopyTofu's 11 Tips for Cross Country Running:
      1) Drink water. And lots of it. Hydrate the day before. If you run after school, drink all day at school too. And use water before a run, not Gatorade.
      2) Stretch before and after running. Especially after running though. It's easy to neglect but it really helps with the soreness. Also, after a run, drink chocolate milk. It helps recovery times.
      3) When you run, avoid putting your weight on your heel when you take a step. Most of the impact should be on the ball of your foot. This can take some time to get comfortable with but it helps you run more efficiently as well as reducing the pounding on your joints.
    7. DroopyTofu
      4) When you get tired at the end of a run, keep your back as straight as you can. Your natural tendency will be to bend over a little, but this collapses your chest cavity and makes breathing harder. Staying straight will keep your lungs and wind pipe open and make allow for easier breaths. At this point, you want all the oxygen you can get.
      5) Run in the morning if at all possible, especially for you since you're in the South. The heat is killer. I can't run after 9 because it gets too hot that early.
      6) Learn to pace yourself. This is more mental and takes practice but it will make your life much easier. I'm still working on this one.
      7) When you start to run with the team, don't try to look good by running in front of everyone else. They can pass you and outrun you, they just are pacing and don't feel like racing. People don't care about placing during practice. (Assuming you run in a pack and the team isn't insanely competitive.)
    8. DroopyTofu
      8.) Remember that the sport is over 50% mental. Your body can do surprising things if you just keep pushing yourself. This applies to distance runs as well as timing yourself. The hardest part of a race, for me at least, is to keep going even after it starts to hurt. Rules 3,4,5,6 and 9 can be applied here.
      9.) You won't improve if you don't push yourself. AKA "No pain, no gain." Cross Country hurts and isn't always fun but is very rewarding if you're willing to keep at it.
      10.) Know your limits. Sometimes you reach a point where you have to stop. Whether it's an injury, dehydration, or fatigue, you have to know when your body is telling you it can't take more. There's nothing wrong with stopping, as long as you know it's a serious problem.
      11) Drink water. And lots of it. Hydrate the day before. If you run after school, drink all day at school too.

      Good luck! :goodjob:
    9. rugbyLEAGUEfan
      Lol. At 38 years old, one likes to think they are beyond trying to be cool by following new punctuation trends. Reality is probably that it takes far more than that now so I should get on the bandwagon, just for starters. Anyway, I'm actually liking this way much better, clearly it is a superior method.
    10. rugbyLEAGUEfan
      Cool. I'm all over the mo fo. Feel free to critique as required. Mum always told me never to ignore advice from a tropical fruit/pachyderm hybrid.
    11. rugbyLEAGUEfan
      I recall someone mentioning that about my writing once before . I've no idea , just seems neater . So what is the convention ?
    12. Liex
      You're welcome! Feel free to ask if you got any question.
    13. Liex
      -Go to Sid Meier's Civilization V\assets\Gameplay\XML\Interface and open 'CIV5Colors.xml' (save a backup).
      -Each civ has 2 colors in that list: COLOR_PLAYER_CIV_ICON (Secondary color, for icons, city dots and borders) and COLOR_PLAYER_CIV_BACKGROUND (Primary color, for backgrounds, areas etc.).
      -Each color is composed by 3 values ([Red, Green and Blue). These values range from 0.000 to 1.000.
      -You probably already have a color in mind, but then you have to convert it to RGB. You can use any image editing software (eg. paint) to do that.
      -These RGB values range from 0 to 255 usually. Convert them to the 0.000 to 1.000 scale. (Quick rule of three where 255:1).
      -Edit the values. Remember that it's x.xxx, not x,xxx.

      It'll change the civs's colors scheme; if you want to change their icons' colors to match up, that's another history...
    14. ZeletDude
      Hahahaha I see :p thanks again. And it was guuhreat thanks for asking :D
    15. ZeletDude
      Thanks for the thread, I thought it was going to be forgotten :p means alot
    16. ZeletDude
      Honestly I realized that, I sort of forgot to reply to your message from a month ago.. better late then never.. rofl
    17. Monsterzuma
      Cervantes used to have a ridiculously overpowered Left + A + B move with which he could first teleport backwards to dodge an attack, then fly attacking through the screen, land with his dread charge active and make the fly attack again, after which you could make him plunge both swords into the falling body with his back faced and then again into the body lying flat. He sure isn't able to do that anymore. The initial move is still there but it's nowhere near as powerful. He also can't do the Left + B + K move that makes him instantly appear above the enemy anymore without doing the dread charge first. Those two combined are major nerfs. Maybe he is still good despite that and maybe he's been given some new stuff that I haven't used yet. I've only played the game for about 7 hours so don't take my words as those of an expert.

      I have the XBox version. :)
    18. Monsterzuma
      yeah he used to be able to charge up for an unpredictable range of unblockable attacks among which was one that struck twice consecutively. I think he was the only character in the game with a double unblockable attack. which was pretty sick because the rest of his style wasn't shabby either.
      I also used to play as Cervantes a lot, but he's been nerfed completely to hell and back. I'm not touching that anymore, lol.
    19. Monsterzuma
      I'm one of those simpletons that like characters with high "ease of use" rating. Mitsu is still good but they did nerf the living tar out of him. To each their own but I kinda hated being forced to play as Patrokolos in the story mode. Especially after he gets the alpha sword and spamming throws doesn't even work, lol.
    20. Monsterzuma
      you're talking about a different avatar as the other guy, but thanks. :)
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