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    Post your first R&F start location

    Turned out that we can grow some really expensive Chocolate in Argentina ...
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    [R&F] Poll: which are the last 4 R&F civs?

    "they can take our lives but they can never take our freedom" is a famous quote from braveheart. Maybe William Wallace as leader for the celts/scottish? I would be really excited to see the celts. They have been my favourite civ in Civ 3 and i have waited for their return.
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    [R&F] Rise and Fall Features Thread

    Amber provides culture. Seen in the Cree First Look at 0:40
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    [R&F] Rise & Fall Christmas Giveaway Lottery

    Merry Civmas and a Happy New Game!
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    [R&F] Netherlands leaked on Dutch TV

    UI: Polder LUA: Radio Oranje - increased loyalty if the netherlands receive a war declaration. UU: Caravan - support unit, provides 2 housing when placed in a dutch city. Reduces movement points of opponent units within 4 tiles by 1 (by 2 on roads, by 3 if the opponent is german) if attached to...
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    Strategic ressource not revealed after patch

    That's right. If it was a single player game i would likely not have recognized this at all. But it is a PBEM that is ongoing since the release of Civ 6 and i was wondering what happened. I just wanted to let you know this issue. I don't expect it to be handeled with a high priority or more...
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    Strategic ressource not revealed after patch

    There are some changes related to revelation of strategic resources. For example, niter is now revealed with Military Engineering instead of Gunpowder. I am playing a PBEM and before the patch i had already researched Military Engineering. The first technology i finished after the patch was...
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    Australia not part of 25th Anniversary Edition?

    Even if i am from germany, too, i can say that the problems happen to various people around the world. At the steam community, for example, guys from australia are reporting the problem with the anniversary edition. Which is some sort of ironic ...
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    Poo Pooing Districts :(

    Thanks a lot, man. I think Ryika and especially demidyad figured it out pretty well: it just an abstraction (even if it is not perfect - like an abstraction always is). And it is a big step ahead towards great gameplay. I really felt in love with that "unstacking cities" idea.
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    Poo Pooing Districts :(

    Oh well, thats one direction of thinking about development. But what the other way around? Sort of Chicken-Egg-Problem? What if there was the church first and people starting settling nearby? Attached two shots of the village i'm currently living in. The first one was properly taken around...
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    Poo Pooing Districts :(

    I totally agree with that. I can give you an example that really works well with the district abstraction: Stuttgart - one of germanies biggest powerhouses. Black: City Center Yellow: Entertainment District - the district of Bad Cannstatt is home of one of worlds biggest carnivals: the...
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