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Jul 13, 2011
Aug 11, 2009
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mariogreymist was last seen:
Jul 13, 2011
    1. Tacitusitis
      stop that lol
    2. civver_764
      You have good opinions :goodjob:
    3. mariogreymist
      I was a...problematic student in HS. I graduated through summer school, and needed to find a college that would accept me during the summer for the fall term. That meant Campbell University in Buies Creek. I didn't fit in well, to say the least.
    4. Mango Elephant
      Mango Elephant
      Hello, I noticed that you said you went to NC for college, and if you don't mind me asking what made you go all the way to North Carolina for college when you could've stayed in California? I'm asking because when I lived in Raleigh I noticed that a lot of people from out of state moved there, so I was wondering what the attraction was.
    5. Jerrymander
      "mariogreymist has not made any friends yet"

    6. jUmpSt0p
      don't believe what you think.

      awesome sig.

      Do you believe in _______ ? <--- what's the most important word in that sentence?

      the whole of humanity focuses on the interchangeable word, whatever goes on the end of that question. but the word 'believe' is the key, that's what we need to be looking at. belief itself.

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