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    AND Mega Civ Pack

    Tried installing Patch C, we still got an OOS at turn 37. Edit: Never mind did a fresh install with Patch C and it looks to be fixed.
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    AND Mega Civ Pack

    Hey I'm playing Dawn 1.75 with Patch B and I play multiplayer with my friends and we got this awesome leaderhead pack. We both did a new install of Dawn before this started so I'm not sure if it's a setting we have or what but now we keep getting OOS errors, these varies greatly from turn 7 to...
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    Caveman 2 Cosmos (ideas/discussions thread)

    Hey I noticed in your other NWA mod it says that not to play in multiplayer, I was wondering if that was the same for this? Are there any for see able problems playing in MP? Or is that all good?
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    Caveman 2 Cosmos (ideas/discussions thread)

    Whoa so I decided to over use these immigration settlers like this suggests but I'm having problems cause my population is stifling! :confused: help so confused I try to follow advice in hopes of not getting this but it still happens. :( I tried counting the leaderheads and I only count 118...
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    Main Download Information

    Ok I have some questions about the most recent version of Dawn. 1) Why does every civilization game have a -1 "Our close borders spark tensions" no matter where on the continent they are? 2) I started a new multiplayer game recently where we are playing with Barbarian Civs off but now we are...
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    Rise of Mankind 2.9 feedback and bug reports

    My friends and I were playing a game of RoM 2.91 last night from a previous night which includes the Leader Head Pack and Vincentz'. Eventually my other friend got disconnected and we returned to the lobby to load up the game. But the result was that my friend that didn't crash that was hosting...
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    [BtS] Rise of Mankind 2

    The untested multiplayer fix seems to have made it worse, while it does correct the OOS sometimes which is great it seems to cause more OOS errors then before which we found unplayable.
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