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  • SORRY MESSAGE #3, LAST ONE- READ FROM MESSAGE 1:For example, when in nights you become a democracy. What about some kind of event occurs of an election of leaders with different bonuses, that way you don't get bored playing the same leader, or civ in such a long game. Also, there could be area's with in the tech tree, that if you pick a certain tech, it will enhance you with maybe money and power, but, causes unhappiness, and with unhappiness, a new element could develop, an underworld of crime, with black markets. This would bring more challenge to the game play cause you'd have to deal with that as you also build your civ. These are just some elements I wanted to address. I hope you'd like to discuss further, and maybe collaborate.
    MESSAGE-#2(read below message first! As I was saying, I've alway's wanted to get into video game development, not the program side, but the story, and concept area. So I've now been introduced to modding, and slowly learning, and making lots of mistakes. But where I want to be apart of is enhancing the concept and adding new idea's to story. With G&K's nights I got some great idea's that I's love to discuss with you, and see if like. I've always thought playing civ, there's things missing, and the story is a little safe. I like games with consequences.
    LONG MESSAGE-#1-Please take the time to read as I am a fan of the new G&K's version of nights. I wasn't with the latest version. Any way's I've just become recently passionate at the difference in computer gaming then ps3'er, which I've been forever. Just so you know a little about me, I'm a writer, and for many years ran a successful business in the entertainment industry. I've won awards for being best promoter, companies in my related business have brought me in to enhance, and become more successful. I love to create things, and exploit talent and I'm good at it. I get high from challenge, and innovation, and especially rocking the boat a little. Now I've always been passionate about video games, but always felt there could be more, and imagined how to make the story more pushed to the limits and thought provoking.
    Downloaded, installed, and activated CIVILIZATION_NIGHTS (V.109). Cleared the cache, saves, etc. Set up new game. Researched The Wheel, but cannot build roads. Nothing in the Civlopedia. Did you add something that also has to be researched before roads can be built? Is this a bug? Not sure where to send/post a bug report for C_N. Great series of mods. V-109 shows the greatest promise so far (IMHO).
    Hmm, i can't seem to actually find version 4.0 :p When I download it, and install it on Civ V, it says 2.0, not 4.0.
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