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  • PUNDAF and your party share the same traits.

    A coalition partnership we could make...
    Non-governmental Organisations

    Basically I was thinking of NPC NGOs for players to interact with in your game as a RP booster/strategic consideration.
    For your game would it be ok to suggest some NGOs like merc groups, global media orgs and that? Just thinking of ways to give more RP material for players and ways to make things more insane (Ramstein as a pyro merc, a global cat cult for helping player's luck if they give tribute, Victor Miles providing char bonuses via debates set between players).
    In AWoM 2 please fill out the info sheets for your directors and actors. It includes things such as temperament, specialization, etc. It is very quick to do.

    I'm currently working on an expanded version of the tech tree at the moment to add flavours, so I'll be updating the list of stuff I need somewhat shortly.
    If you need someone to help with back story with a shout: I have some ideas for those... was it 7 primal superheroes you mentioned? While I can offer my services if you need it.
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