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  • Honestly I haven't had the...pleasure...of listening to Terracota Pie yet so I don't entirely get that but I will when I am in a worse mood and listen to the abomination.
    Wish I could give it to you, I couldn't find it myself. I originally heard it in my art class, IIRC it was a cover of it from a former student. I used to demand to play it because it was terrible and I find terrible things hilarious.
    Same here.

    Originally I heard a dub of it in a happy upbeat jazz style (I think). Recently I googled "why did you leave the keys on the table?" and I found this. It's just such a pathetic song I just couldn't help but parody the of of it.
    Sure, god knows I've advertised in other people's games countless times.
    Depends: I am going to be gone till Saturday and I do not know how my internet will be.
    I will most likely post a list of the houses tomorrow; I have been working on the images and their details but it is getting late. I will post tomorrow the 10 greatest houses in the Imperium of Man.
    Putin isn't what I would call a good leader as well, but that image basically calls them interchangeable, which I object to.
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