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May 16, 2021
Dec 29, 2005
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Koi-san!, from Osaka

Masada was last seen:
May 16, 2021
    1. Immaculate
      u want to meet on skype chat with Nuke and I at some point?
    2. Omega124
      Hey, Masada, can you finish your sign up before 3 EST?
    3. christos200
      From which movie comes your avatar pic?
    4. caketastydelish
    5. Takhisis
      Hey Mas, are you still around?
    6. haroon
      Masada before you one day decide to entirely quit from this forum and I totally lost you, can you PM me other internet forum that you are active? or your "not private mail address" for internet friends maybe if there is any that you often check? Because I want to talk to you once in a while and ask you about things that you know so well about.

      I think all of these discrimination against Muslims and those who sympathy to them is somewhat inevitable, given that the media also supported it and repeated it and it failed to explain the variety of Muslims community world view and idea and treat them as a hive mind or potential 5th columnist and whatnot. And being accuse terrorist is feel like a lightning bolt struck to me, sometime it makes you think also to yourselves, "am I?" I wonder how many turn to be terrorist just like that, they embrace the stigma and relieves themselves.
    7. haroon
      Thanks, I cannot found any better internet groups, where I can hang out and reading (relatively-in comparison to other website) quality information and discussion.

      And I'm on my Thesis now, I chose IS (or Daesh) as my subject. I want to see how people in CFC discuss about it.
    8. haroon
      Koi san, genki des ka?
    9. Hygro
    10. Hygro
      ahaha I never thought of that. nice.
    11. Hygro
      I have mixed feelings on that post. Krugman sneaks some stuff by the reader. First, he's basically using an example of a massive deficit during a period of full employment, which the MMT people pretty well never recommend. Second, there's no compelling reason people would take cash but not bonds if the interest rates were sufficient. But it's likely true that adding cash to an economy is more inflationary than treasuries under most conditions. But hyperinflation always comes with a supply shock, so I dunno. Seems a bit fantastic. Krugman has been systematically taking more and more MMT positions while strawmanning them. I think it's deliberate.

      My favorite critique of MMT, which incidentally explains money really well and also why the euro is stronger than it appears, is here http://www.boeckler.de/pdf/v_2011_10_27_lavoie.pdf
    12. Hygro
      right? I'm not even an MMTer per se (IS-LM kicks ass imo) but we gotta start somewhere. What are your objections to MMT?
    13. Traitorfish
      That certainly played a part in cementing my own convictions on the issue.
    14. Azale
    15. bombshoo
      Get on chat?
    16. spryllino
      Come on #nes sometime if you can at, probably like, between six hours before now and six hours after now, any day. I'm not sure what that is where you live. I want to consult with you on N3S foreign policy, if possible.
    17. cybrxkhan
      Why thank you, I'm glad you approve!
    18. das
      That sounds a bit like an oxymoron.

      I see I have a lot of catching up to do.
    19. das
      Good God, aren't they dead yet? Thlayli is a wimp.
    20. haroon
      I think they are turn out to be something that they hate most (Nazi), the thing that make me more amaze me is the peoples who support them. I notice that many religious Christian both in RL or at my facebook page (friends whom I know since highschool) devotedly devil advocating Israel, in a pseudo intellectual manner. I don't have any idea what their priest told them in their church, God knows and I really wonder.
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    my family's weird if your my uncle
    but not the bad weird
    tbh I'd swap my uncle for you in a heart beat
    - Tolni