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May 16, 2021
Dec 29, 2005
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Koi-san!, from Osaka

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May 16, 2021
    1. haroon
      Masada, when I read this article, I remember you because how much you care and sensitive in the issue of men exploitation against women. I feel I not yet do my part if I not yet deliver this to you:

      Israel’s War Against Gaza’s Women & Their Bodies

    2. Azale
    3. schlaufuchs
    4. Domen
      Jews in Feudal European social order:

      Jews were an ethnic group (with its own "national" religion - Judaism; and its own sacred language - Hebrew), who - after settling in various regions of Medieval Europe - became a social class (in European Feudal social order), because they occupied a certain economic niche and engaged only in certain professions, while not engaging in other professions. For example - there were hardly any Jewish farmers (peasants), which distinguished them from nearly all other European ethnic groups - in which majority of people were peasants and engaged in farming.

      I write this here because the thread got closed.
    5. Hygro
      It's only gonna get better.
    6. Ophorian
      I'll send you my stuff in about 48 hours, finishing up in Hong Kong and getting my bags packed now.
    7. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      From some token searching it seems like the Maori population was about 100-120k in 1800, and 30-40k died between then and 1840 due to provision of guns and potatoes. So that's like, what, a 20-25% death rate or more?

      Just token "jungle people who experienced exploitation" I guess. Humans are normally so peaceful! Why were people there so violent???
    8. haroon
      thanks Masada, actually the last accusation that was made by this particular user really made me down, and afraid at the same time (honestly I am) because my security is at stake, remind me the parallel event in Indonesia where everybody can accuse anybody as commies to be hunted and discriminated. In the other hand I also worried how will CFC user looking at me after that event, I just come back here because seeing your post on my wall, and I surprise when I log in there are so many users want me to come back. I really don't expected that.

      Honestly I feel really lost when I quite from CFC, because I cannot found any internet forum that equally civilize as CFC and made me feel stupid at the same time (where so many amazing prodigy youngster who know impossibly lots of things that trigger me to learn more) like CFC. I'm bit shy away for my last rage quitting, however after a while I'll be around. Thanks Masada ;)
    9. ParkCungHee
      You know, I'd be outraged, but that Eurocentrism thread just knocked the hell out of me.
    10. Hygro
      I feel your pain.
    11. bombshoo
    12. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      What in the ever loving hell...
    13. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      Thanks for the book. I'll check it out.

      That thread made me sad. The other sexism one made me truly outraged. My punishment for thinking coming back was a good idea (well that, and being accused of citing Stalinist propaganda because I cited anti-communist authors that didn't say what others people thought it should).
    14. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      Can you recommend me any readings about the destruction of the Indonesian Communist Party?
    15. spryllino
      We are still awaiting various reports for our ministers before undertaking any very definite diplomatic action. We will, however, gladly listen to any suggestions or representations that you send to us, O noble Council.
    16. Domen
      Thanks. And my new avatar is Ponald Duck. ^ ^
    17. Domen
      Hey I'm curious who is the guy from your avatar ???
    18. Azale
    19. Nuka-sama
      Get on #nes hombre, I can't be on skypez
    20. Nuka-sama
      Hey want to get on #nes?
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    my family's weird if your my uncle
    but not the bad weird
    tbh I'd swap my uncle for you in a heart beat
    - Tolni