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Massive Attack
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Apr 3, 2016
Apr 12, 2007
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Massive Attack


Massive Attack was last seen:
Apr 3, 2016
    1. Nuka-sama
      It says you're from South Korea?
    2. Nuka-sama
      I think I added you?
    3. Nuka-sama
      Do you have a steam account

      If you do, write it on my wall
    4. Starlife
      I need your updated info, if you would oblige. Also, you mention a city in your proposal, but you don't indicate the name of the city -- and your location is a single point. Is that point for the city or for the Aulesiri-ish castle? Drawing out a little map transposed on top of mine would be immensely helpful, but it is not required if I have adequate enough description on the location of stuff.
    5. Daftpanzer
      Alright cool,

      Currently you have a gold mining area between Ymo and Raen, the yellow dot is kinda lost there!
    6. Massive Attack
      Massive Attack

      Do what you say for Gerb--take the settlement and use the raw points for the amber. Spend the command point to move the slider towards enterprise.

      BTW, what is the other resource I have beyond the fishing? I don't know the resource icons meanings other than the obvious.
    7. Daftpanzer
      Just to say, you could do an invasion of Gerb island with your navy and army, take the settlement, and use Raw points to claim the amber resource there (orange thing). They don't have an army and have nowhere to run, so you probably don't need to level-up your army, if you wanted to use your Command point on something else...
    8. Daftpanzer
      Hey there, thanks for your orders!

      A couple of things - under current rules, the camps don't give any income at all. They help to keep control of any nearby resources you've claimed, that's all. They can morph into free cities (giving Eco points), but that's going to be quite rare and random. So it might not make sense to attack those NPC's just yet, unless you want the resources nearby and don't trust them to stay away.

      You have a military pool (list of units) but that is just 'ammo' for your armies on the map (shield/sword icons) and you can only send orders to the armies. Basically you can't give orders to individual units, just the armies. If you want to attack in two places at once, you need to invest in two armies, etc.

      You only have one action per turn for your command points, so you must choose between organising another army, *or* moving the civic slider.

      I will try to clarify the rules soon!

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