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    Any feedback?

    A very interesting experience. But still, there is not enough predestination in the construction of wonders.
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    Map Suggestion Thread

    Can we have stability map for each civ?)
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    1.16 - Prussia 1700 UHV

    Decimating neighbouring countries seems rather historically for Germany...
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    I'm back

    Please, no white colour for Russia! :blush:
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    1.16 - Prussia 1700 UHV

    Just best colony in game esp for metallurg corp, top prodaction no penalty for territory. Gold + Copper + Coal + Sugar + Iron + Clam, the only way to build Station of Liberty without engineer expt Rome...
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    1.16 - Prussia 1700 UHV

    Dislike. Overxtension, not using Hermitage, Amber Room, colony in Sofala, not razing Worzawa for prosperity of Калининград etc, etc, etc... Do you play first time?)
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    The "OMG! Look what happened in DoC!" Thread

    They were trying to find Hyperborea. Not Atlantis.
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    [BNW] Rhye's Catapult

    Still belive in project! :thumbsup:
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    Need help with Prussian UHV on Emperor difficulty

    Hmmm. :mischief: You won't need to overtake Britain and France if they don't exist. :thumbsup:
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    [Modmod]Sunset of Civilization

    BECAUSE: Death to vile traitors to the homeland!
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    [BNW] Rhye's Catapult

    Hm... Deffence power of cities... It does not rocover.
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    [BNW] Rhye's Catapult

    Workres dont work at all...
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    [BNW] Rhye's Catapult

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    [BNW] Rhye's Catapult

    I think there is no 1st June.) :cry:
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    [BNW] Rhye's Catapult

    Hmmm... 1st June of what year?) or at least a decade?)) It is important!:king:
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