• Paradox Games has announced today their new game “Millennia”, a semi-historical turn-based 4X game. Find out more here .
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  • Excellent. Shoot the orders across and we'll eb ready to start with your match - Spain's all excited and plonked his boats down already
    Hey Matt, North King pointed me in your direction. Can you tell me how you make your GIF of updated maps in NS3 III? I want to try that with LizNES5. On an unrelated note, you still playing? I remember you claiming a nation.. but not posting again.
    Matt, I'll answer your PM for NK's NES in a few days time after I've read the update and considered it; life's busy. sorry.
    Matt, now that there are three houses exclusively on E2, do you think I should set up a social group with you and Toteone so we can discuss E2 matters without other people snooping?
    Maybe, if you really want. Actually its been on my mind since I had a phase of interest in civ3 recently. I'll see what I can dig up.
    Hey thanks :)

    Well I'm now in my mid-twenties, I have a degree that isn't worth much for jobs, and I might be going back to uni (a better one) to do a 2-year web design course in the hopes of actually starting a career.
    Thanks Matt! Well it seems I may be in the process of changing my whole life right now, so 3-4 hour update sessions are not top of my priorities currently.
    In fact if you play solo in a multi player game, and then get stuck in a tight spot, friends can join and rescue you and help you retrieve all your bodies. :D
    Yes; you just hosts a multiplayer game and then others join through your IP address. Players use what ever characters they have on their computer. As long as the host is active, player can come and go as they please.
    No, I do not know what a hammerdin is, but I do have some cool stuff like a two handed ax that will do 5k in damage. I do not play online; just solo or with friends over the internet.
    I am a great fan of the game and have a level 86 paladin that I bring out to play when I feel destructive.
    dude I'm not even letting people play korea or sudan rite now, america isn't even on the table :(
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