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    [Religion and Revolution]: Bugs and Todos

    Is this some kind of spanish civil war? Or did the spanish just declare independance? Ray if you see this, you're the best! Hope you're having a good one. edit: yep they declared independance
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    [Religion and Revolution]: Feedback and Questions

    Hi RayStuttgart. I'm a scale-focus character who enjoys strategy/economics games such as MOO2, OpenTTD, and Factorio among others. I thought I'd offer some thoughts. Good and improvements that I thought RAR could use Also I finish out with some questions. Headline of course is, many thanks...
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    [ModMerge] Religon and Revolution with 2 Plots City Radius

    Hi Schmiddie and CB. Absolutely correct, the past couple of days has been lost to RAR 2.0 and in-built 2PCR :) I have some thoughts on RAR which I will post in the main RAR thread. Thanks for your swift replies!
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    [ModMerge] Religon and Revolution with 2 Plots City Radius

    Hi CB, Many thanks for your mod from quite a while ago. The description combined with the RAR team's effort means I am revisiting Civ4Col with new life breathed into it! Unfortunately... I receive a variety of errors after following your instructions to the letter. Loading the gigantic RAR...
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    [MODCOMP] Addon for Age of Discovery II 1.10

    Hi KJ, The link above has gone dead... any chance you still have a copy around? Be in your debt sir...
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