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  • mayor, I seem to recall your presence in the mafia and NotW section. Surely you could play again…
    Welcome back comrade! :D

    What IOT do you plan to join? ;)

    There is still space in IOTXIV if you desire for instance.
    Would you believe me if I said autocorrect?


    Edit: what kind of tv shows do you watch btw

    Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Spartacus, Dexter, take your pick.
    Please send OptNES orders for turn 1 ASAP as the deadline has passed. :)

    Update 0 (latest)
    I like both of your ideas.

    Currently there won't be new UU's but do note that warriors aren't just guys with axes or something, but also a few archers, slingers etc...
    Mayor, given that you are assimilating the peaceful Latins, would you mind me eliminating the tohers?
    Consider your Populum pretty self sufficient to know when they are needed. They will appear by themselves WHENEVER a a justified war is fought, and will head on all by themselves. Consider them always on in times of war (like the coming invasion). If it will make it easier, I will add them to the stats, but remember that you have very little control over them, especially in times of peace.

    And they are less than about 1% of the population - which makes them great for a future elite nobility class.

    Conversion is mostly useless. The world currently is very accepting, and religions are served depending on location more than faith. Everyone believe all gods, at times as different gods and at times as just the image of a god known to them. Religiously things are very peaceful, no real war anti-others religion appeared yet...
    All he is paying for, in my mind, is to pay me in the place of Hungary. He has accepted the full responsibiity of payment. If he stops...
    Let's just say you won't be the one suffering.
    1) 8-12EP depending on how nice you want it.
    2) 5EP should be good, if you want additional benefits try 7/8
    3) While, an extensive schooling system would be around 30ishEP, one just for the brightest and the wealthiest would range from 6-15EP depending on scope and intensity.
    4) Considering this to be an enforced militia, so 8-15EP across the nation.
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