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  • The French Empire in I&B3 would request permission to have its colony ships go through your seas. We will allow desire if possible a military aggreement to serve as a defence pact in case Rome decides to... not be freindly.
    Oh, well, if you're trying to maintain the status quo, Khatami's Iran is what our Iran might've been if the theocrats weren't in power: secular, progressive, internationally-minded, soft-power-type.
    Would you be interested in joining Imperium Romaorum in the civ V stories and tales forum?
    You should expand now that JoanK has come to his senses in the general direction of Toulouse. Whats better than that!
    Urgh! Fine. But be aware, any expansion south will be encroaching into the Maqrok Zone.
    We offer you a trade treaty, and a seat in the Maqrok City Conference. We urge you to change your borders. (Maqrok Imperium)
    So, breakup of Ottoman Empire.. I just kept it simple and said that Israel revolted while the world was paying attention to Napoleon. I'm open to any suggestions though. :)
    Hey I see your Turkey (Anatolia) so lets cut the cake shall we, I'm not interested in Istanbul or Anatolia or Cyprus as long as your not interested in Greece and Crete.
    I did make a whole thread in the SG telling people I was going to close it a day in advance. If you wanted records, you should have grabbed them then.
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