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    Share your Modern-Era warfare strategies

    two methods I found to work quite well 1- Modern armor (gunship helps too) + a lot of stealth bombers, you know the drill, bombard, collateral, send in the tanks, repeat. 2- Nuclear weapons: 2 nuke per city, kills all unit inside, send in 1 warrior and its yours *(under the condition you...
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    Scoring 56,360 in 5 minutes

    Or, go to WorldBuilder, spontaniously generate 100 modern armor infront of every oponent's capital at first turn on diety, and win! Cheating? well the score would be just as worthy as a high score goten on settler.
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    XX Century Mod

    I like how you classified Japan as pacifist. They are only pacifist because they are occupied and chained down by treaty, I think they should very much be agressive and, in real world, more agressive than many other nations if given a chance.
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    VIVA the revolution

    From what I can tell on this thread, theres the open minded people and there are the brainwashed people Open minded - do not like the system employed in soviet union, but sees the pros just as they see the cons Brainwashed - Apollo, mostly for nationalistic/space race purpose, and...
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    Linux Users! Cedega 5.1 released, CivIV supported

    I would think people use Linux because its stable and ... ITS FREE. Now if I had to PAY SUBSCRIPTION to play games I bought on Linux, when I could easily play it on my windows systems for free-relatively, I think I would choose Windows. Would work so much better if Cedega is like any other...
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    On the Finer Points of Tank Warfare

    I read the guide and couldnt be bothered to set up invididual roles with different promotions, so I grab a bunch of seige tanks, assign them into 10-14 groups each with 2 stacks of 5-7, (there are more groups if i have more), 10-20 bombers at cloest city, and bomb the city to 0% + all units at...
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    What is the best distance to space cities?

    I like to build fewer and quality cities. A mis placed city is wasted maintance and wasted grids that nearby better cities might use. I dont mind even resources going to waste (as long as its connected), since a few extra resources is not good enough to cover the extra maintance.
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