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  • When you said "African route" I thought you meant North Africa.
    Going though Ghana or Mali is fairly impractical anyway, as it requires a long desert crossing.
    You sense right, altho your nation will be posted, unless I manage to stay up few hours more, tommorrow, sorry for the delay :)
    There apears to be two people waiting for responses from you in your NES. Just saying.
    could you NPC Janos for the next few weeks, please? I'll be on holiday in South Africa, with no PC so I can't do any RP for said time period :)
    I'd love to join Comfortably Numb, but I just have two questions to ask before I do so.

    1. Is there such a thing as regular pistols that fire bullets in Spes? Were they completely phased out by plasma pistols, being rendered a novelty?

    2. What happened to the Afrikaners on the cape? I found it slightly odd that Afrikaans was not listed as a major language in Spes, seeing as both Afrikaans and English dominate the Cape.
    Eh. Looks interesting, depending on how time consuming it is - I don't really have time for more than once NES, and I'm doing two :p - Haven't really read it yet, but it doesn't seem to time intensive. :)
    Yeah, and maybe have rumors and sightings. Someone claims to have seen those eyes, another claims to have tracked down a body and found it mauled and ripped. ect ect.
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