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  • Hey there,

    It's from this CD I got years ago. I think it's called "Crokett's Theme" or something, and it's a New Age song. I thik the CD's name is "Pure Moods" or something, but a quick Amazon search reveals there's several of them, so unfortunately I don't know which one.

    I'm surprised I still remember. :lol:

    I know that's sort of vague, but hopefully it'll help.
    Well, hello Mr. GM of Mosaic Earth II! As you have probably noticed, the players of ME2 have begun to use the Ruleset in an overly games manner. At the current rate, no one will ever expand - they will just build industry. That is why I suggest making a limit on the amount percent of your economy you can reinvest in industry per turn, a limit to industry (say 5 times the number of provinces), or perhaps both. Maybe add a base industry for all colonized provinces.

    Or all three!

    Thanks for listening. :)
    Iron and Blood 3: Rapid Fire

    Introduction updated and stats added.
    Link to OP

    Please check and let me know any corrections and I will update, before updating the map.
    Well its been over 72 hours since over 50% of the orders made it in. What's the ETA on the update?
    Wanted to sign up in PL IOT. Can I claim the Balearic islands along with Spanish coast?
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