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  • In that case, it'd be up to you, though it sounds like their technological parity has been ******ed by the magical side of things, so they are probably magical.
    For your new IOT, you said "You are forbidden from starting out in a wasteland" while after that you said "while restrictions for beginning in Wasteland have been detailed as above". Can you explain that a little more?
    Please remember that you now owe the british Empire 4 IC. You spent 2 IC on Ceylon last turn, and 2 more this turn. You can pay it in a lump sum either this turn or next turn, or you may pay 2 IC for 2 turns starting either this turn or next turn. It is your choice.
    Please do not military involve yourself in this war. If you feel compelled to do something, you can gift or loan us IC, but I really don't see why you would be doing something like that.
    Sounds good. 2 IC to be sent this turn, and we will withdraw our claim to Ceylon. If you dont get the island and spend more on it, we will hold you to the deal and you will have to pay an amount equal to that amount as well.
    To: Mughal Empire
    From: Britain
    CC: Ceylon in Iron and Blood

    We have become aware that you have claimed Ceylon after us. Seeing as our settlers would arrive first (Kiwitt roles for the player who submits orders first, before the other player if a claim is disputed on the same turn). we would be willing to offer you a chance to purchase this island from us, as it is a rightful British claim from the beginning of the game. An amount equal to the amount being invested into the island, to be paid this turn will do just fine. we hope that this cooperation regarding this island may foster closer relations in the coming years.
    Would it be acceptable to let the ANS keep Venezuala as a military base during the pirate war, and then grant you control after it is over?
    Attacking doesn't cost anything. Armies cost RPs, and they can each attack one province per turn.
    no need to worry about denmark anymore (iot6) they imploded. in a deeply satisfying way, i might add.
    Please vote YES for Eralatuk to keep is South African holdings. We would support any expansion you plan if you need it.
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