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    [TUTORIAL] Video Tutorials on Modding Civ4

    Yes I did. They appeared perfectly fine in the most recent version.
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    [TUTORIAL] Video Tutorials on Modding Civ4

    Okay, so I used 2.0.0 Pre-Alpha 6 to do the Nifswap, and while it works fine in-game, now textures don't show up at all in NIFSkope, even if I try checking the "Show Textures" option in the Render menu (it doesn't work; nothing gets checked and nothing changes if I click on it):
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    [TUTORIAL] Video Tutorials on Modding Civ4

    I did exactly that, but it didn't work, prompting me to post my issue here. Maybe it's the version of NIFSkope I'm using?
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    [TUTORIAL] Video Tutorials on Modding Civ4

    Unless you're referring to 0NiNode, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about: In the meantime, here is the file:
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    [TUTORIAL] Video Tutorials on Modding Civ4

    How do you do nifswaps when the two NIF files are organised differently without getting a "failed to map parent link NiNode˃Scene Root" error? For example, I'm trying to copy/paste seZereth's Chaos Marauder model into the vanilla Skirmisher file so I can get a Marauder javelineer:
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    Unit requests thread

    Anyone have or are willing to make Mahdist Sudanese units, ca. 1885-1900?
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    Mysorean Rocket

    Thank you for posting this. The downloads page now hosts a link to Bakuel's version (with credit)
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    Bakuel's Mysorean Rocket - Update

    Replaced obsolete file with Bakuel's unit
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    Mysorean Rocket

    Downloads page link Unbeknownst to me, Bakuel did make a Mysore Rocket unit, but to my knowledge it was not available as a separate download until Walter Hawkwood posted it below. The downloads page version now hosts Bakuel's Mysore Rocket unit.
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    Bakuel's Mysorean Rocket 2022-09-17

    Unbeknownst to me, Bakuel DID make a Mysorean Rocket model which I was unaware of but was not available separately until now and I am posting here. Thank you to @Walter Hawkwood for posting it publicly in the thread. Download the rest of Bakuel's Travancore, Mysore and Madras unit pack here...
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    [TUTORIAL] How to use the Steam editor

    If you are like me, then you've had trouble trying to use the editor that came with the Steam Version of Civ3 Complete. Typically, the computer will give you the messages: And so forth, and the editor will be unable to load any art assets. Luckily, there is a reason for this and a solution...
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    Help me restore the Civ4 modpacks

    Fictionalization Beta is here.
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    [BTS] Fictionalization IV

    Hey, guess who has a copy of the mod! (Note: you may need to sign into MediaFire to access the file)
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    Improvements to GeneralMatts austro-hungarian hussar

    I know it's been a very long time since this thread began, but the team coloring of this unit doesn't seem to work. When I try adding it in-game, it just goes right through: Has anyone else encountered this bug and/or know how to fix it?
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    Steampunk World Scenario

    Here's a fixed download link, for those still interested in playing.
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