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    #erebus is back: the chatroom for all things about FfH and FF

    Looks like warrens of thought isn't worrking for a few days. Do you need to kick it, anw?
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    A Mod of Ice and Fire

    Fantastic job on this mod you two. How long have you been working on it? I knew a team was working on a GoT mod before CiV was even released, and there are a few of them. But I think a lot of modders got frustrated by the lack of options early on in CiV's life and gave up. A GoT mod is...
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    [Module] No Linked Builds

    You are welcome. And yes, I agree. Hint hint.
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    [BETA] Rules of Engagement : Stalingrad

    Civ5 won't install this module for some reason. It creates the directory but leaves the civ5mod file in place and doesn't extract any files. Extracting the files manually with WinRAR works fine. I think. We'll see. Can't wait to try this.
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    Question about 'The Princess Rule"

    This, right here, is the closest I have ever come to sigging a FfH quote before.
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    Rise from Erebus 1.30 Bug Thread

    The Infernal Grimoire? I'm not even sure it should be tradable, only picked up after the owner is slain.
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    Never Gonna Give You Up

    Is it April already?
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    Rise from Erebus 1.30 Bug Thread

    This looks like a bug with the Illian terraforming. I believe it has been fixed for 1.31, but in the meantime take the doc's advice and be careful when mousing over frosty territory. :) Very strange. It doesn't appear that the Treasure Chest is in the city, did you check the coordinates...
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    Ideas, Requests, and Feedback

    This isn't really a mechanic, it's just overzealous logging. When immortal units are destroyed, they can be moved on the to the capital (or their spawn point, for the four horsemen.) It looks like this message is always displayed even if the unit is actually destroyed. When it's destroyed...
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    ModModder's Guide

    I don't think bMustMaintain works with all of the prereq tags. At least, that's a behavior I noticed a while ago. I'm not sure I can remember which ones didn't work.
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    Ideas, Requests, and Feedback

    Or you can just speculate wildly! That always works for me.
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    Rise from Erebus 1.30 Bug Thread

    This one has been reported a few times, and it's easy to acquit a module as the cause of the bug. Has anyone who has reported it been playing without Fall Under? I've played many games on both sides of the jungle and I've never seen this bug.
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    Ideas, Requests, and Feedback

    That doesn't really clear anything up.
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    Rise from Erebus Frequently Asked Questions

    Commanders have a zero command range unless specified otherwise. That means they need to be on the same tile to get any promotions. If it says it has a 1 tile command range the units must be within 1 tile. They can attack outside that range and still get the bonuses, but once they actually move...
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    [MODULE] RifE: Underworld

    This looks good. I had a lot of the same ideas planned for Guns, Wyrms and Steel. Although I feel tunnels should really be simply roads that Dwarves can use to traverse peaks. The Khazad used to live underground but they do not anymore. And the Luchuirp have not been tunnelers for a long, long...
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