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  • Really? Those are all the available missions? Those are all sub-standard for Claude.
    Still, taking the presidential one.
    On the stats, it says Initial Weapon, yet some characters seem to have multiple weapons. Is this WAD or just an oversight? If the former, can I then start with multiple Pokémon or just one?
    Instantaneous teleportation has to have SOME uses. ;) If you think the character is underpowered then I'd be happy to revise him a bit. :) Anyway, I'll post my character after I finish dinner.
    I was thinking my character being a spymaster from CK II and having some of his powers being a parody of some of the unrealistic things that happen in that game (i.e having the ability to teleport across a landmass the size of europe once per day or something). Would that be okay?
    Dude, don't worry about Legends of IOT.
    I'm planning to merge it with an earlier project of mine and relaunch around spring.
    Seriously, your only saving grace is the fact that you've got a good army.
    And also the fact that I planned a string of good events for you.
    And the fact that Boris has business elsewhere.
    ....And the fact that your imagination... geez, man, you're good at plot twists.

    Also, funfact: Boris DOES have spies all over you federation and he DOES control half of what you think it's yours. He's just too important to give a damn about it. And as a matter of fact, Boris is NEVER in Blindhill. He could be anywhere, except Blindhill. Anywhere.
    I never said you cannot attack. You can.
    But you will fail if you attack now.
    quoting myself from my previous message , "ignore Blindhill for now"
    it may not seem like it, but they have a large standing army. It will NOT increase over time, but yours will. Attack when it's time.And now, it's not the time.
    So I put up red warning signs everywhere, i put subtle hints, obvious shouts and BIG RED BANNERS saying "ignore Blindhill for now". You still attack.
    I put up a short RP on Boris' retaliation to your actions.
    You put up RP about it being a dream.
    I like your game. You live dangerous.
    But seriously, calm down before you become an unfortunate casualty.
    I made up events for every possible way this game could go. I have over 400 possible endings. All of them imply that the Western Federation never dared to touch Blindhill.
    Thank you for refusing the isle demands. Those wizards are plotting against us and you shown yourself well.

    We will be doing a letter of offering and thanks in moments time.
    Hi Milarqui. Can you help?

    Is there anything big about Spain I should keep in mind? Do you have plans for this order set? Any major foreign policy things?

    Also, can you send me your old orders?

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