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  • For Kosovo references I prefer to stick with the old Diskoton vynil records of Vujović, Vujačić and the others playing the gusle. In Sonia i Bik you will at least see a tractor or two, but it's set in 2010s Croatia rather than 1300s Serbian Kingdom.
    Well, besides making me watch Sonia i Bik (a film which, innecessarily and inexplicably, features a few seconds of a naked Judita Franković as well as borbe bikova), you've reawakened my passion for Boško Vujačić - first the Battle of Kosovo and now the wedding of beg Ljubović. If Argentina weren't playing I'd be scheduling Đorđe Koprivica next.
    Yes, I've been looking at those… and gotten slightly derailed, also, but I've noticed that there seems to be a rivalry between Zećo and Bjelan and, also… what are the rules? Are the two bulls meant to run each other off the pitch or, or what?
    Great Lord Miroslav, I come to thee with a tequest. I'm trying to find out mroe than I presently know (admittedly little) about bull-fights in the Balkans. I'm not that clear about the rules… They don't appear to be that complicated (chase the other bull away? Far less bloody than Spanish toreros at any rate) from what I can see, but everyone assumes that everyone else knows how they are supposed to go on YouTube and other places and I don't know how to even ask.
    You make it sound like i'm in trouble, have i done something wrong??

    ..and i apologize for missing this, it was my first message and didn't notice it until now.
    Dobar Dan!
    Saw you visited my profile page. I'm much newer to Civ. I don't play online (issues with Linux. Feel free to PM me anytime.
    It would appear as though you have friendbombed a large number of CFCers!

    So, um, hi?
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