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Jul 6, 2021
Apr 13, 2004
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London, UK

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isle of lucy, from London, UK

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Jul 6, 2021
    1. warpus
      I assume that the thread was deleted due to the "monkey penis" tangent that I started? :lol:

      I've been really busy at work and haven't really had time to do anything on the forum so I have no idea what happened to it..

      Anyway, I don't mind people calling me out on my stuff, but I should also be more careful to be a bit more clear in what I write
    2. warpus
      The thing is that we started wearing clothes anywhere between 700,000 and 170,000 years ago. It was surely a gradual process, and not just one magical period where everyone started wearing stuff either.. it probably originated in several locations and spread very slowly, taking hundreds if not thousands of years.. Anyway, back then some people probably just started wrapping their bodies in animal hides (or whatever) because it was cold... or for ritual reasons.. or whatever. It must have been a gradual introduction with different humans preferring this over that for religious, social, geographical, whatever, reasons..

      I do not mean to imply that the evolutionary benefits of hiding your junk were the main driving force behind the change from nakedness to clothing... but I think it did play some part
    3. warpus
      If you try to study humanity as just another species, our clothing starts to make sense in an entirely different way.

      We're just a bunch of apes who don't like showing off what we got, unless it's sexy time. We have unique sexual rituals, we behave in specific ways socially, and that's just the way we are, for whatever evolutionary and/or historical reasons. There was a war and now everybody has to wear pants. Who knows. We are the way we are. In that respect we are really no different from the andean flamingo.
    4. warpus
      This didn't get posted because that thread disappeared.. but I guess I put a lot of effort into typing it, so here you go.. You don't have to respond or anything, but you might find some of this interesting and/or amusing

      I do fully endorse pant-less fridays and think that we are headed in a more open society as far as clothing goes, but what made me post my initial message was a book I read called "The Naked Ape".. It's been discredited in various ways, but is an interesting look at anthropology from a biologist's perspective.. Sort of. The author paints the picture of a species (us) migrating from forests and trees to savannas (which did happen) and then attempts to explain why we ended up without much hair (explanation not accepted by most scientists). The book is from the 70s I think, but it contains a whole bunch of very interesting tidbits about primate behaviour, including rearing, mating, social behaviour, hunting, etc
    5. Quackers
      bah, i ain't convinced. its still cheating in the book of quackers.
    6. Quackers
      yeah that thread.

      well i'm not talking about that situation. i'm talking exclusively an undergraduate doing a degree and writing some work for his course.
    7. Quackers
      need your opinion on "whats worst" thread.
    8. LucyDuke
      "it died a death" was significantly funnier!
    9. GoodGame
      Hey Mise, so everyone wants to look like you?
    10. Takhisis
      aI hexpect that you hwill be sphitting enough to be considered a gennelman but not henough to make decent folks carry a humbrella, eh?
    11. Takhisis
      Do you sphit your Phees like any decent gennelman does?
    12. Takhisis
      Well, not as practical as speaking Spanish, which is spoken in two continents, but, still… well, you've become a near-Englishman by this point, you probably speak in either a scummer cockney accent or a highly refined Plotinus-like RP.
    13. Takhisis
      Agent Smise! What's wrong with learning Welsh?
    14. Arakhor
      Heh. I studied Welsh briefly as well. The curse of Welsh universities! :)
    15. Takhisis
      *gasp* You're now stealing people's locations! I've seen people change it to 'Wales'.
    16. nonconformist
      Good looking lad!
    17. MjM
      Where art thou Mise? :(
    18. LucyDuke
      HI MISE :wavey:
    19. Takhisis
      Stop hijacking people's avatars!
    20. Takhisis
      You see? I did it gently last time, and you complained.
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