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Oct 25, 2020
Jun 2, 2006
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Oct 25, 2020
    1. BenZL43
      Hi! My grandmothers and grandfathers came to Indonesia not so long after Mao Zedong took control of China. I'm the first generation born here :)

      It's kinda hard to explain. Knowing that he has lost, now he withdraw himself from the election and claim that the Election never existed. He also requested the incumbent president SBY to draft a law that add 1 more year to his reign until 2015. Meanwhile, during this "1-year-bonus period", KPU must hold a new election again *until Prabowo win*

      I don't really want to have a leader like that guy.... My aunt has migrated to Australia and she said if Prabowo win, she will never back to Indonesia. Several of my friends that studying overseas also plan to seek asylum in USA, Singapore etc if a riot is ever happen again.
    2. BenZL43
      BenZL43: thank you so much for your opinion. Salam kenal! I am, as Pramoedya called it, of Hoakiau extraction indeed (although I grew up in Europe)
      Even though he was not a Communist, I think his ideal of Marhaenisme could be be represented by some of the socialist civics. Or maybe egalitarianism?

      Oh hi! So you're Chinese-Indonesian growing in Europe? That's so interesting! ^^
      If you don't mind me asking, were you born in Indonesia but migrated to Europe during '98 conflict? I've got a lot of friends born in Indonesia but now a proud Singaporean, Hongkong-ese?, Thai, etc...

      I think Marhaenism is Socialism, btw
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