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    Civ VI Funny/Strange Screenshots

    Very sorry. I took the screenshot then erased the game from the annals of history. For reference, it's Abe Lincoln, not Portugal, and generated on a huge splintered fractal map.
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    Civ VI Funny/Strange Screenshots

    A truly beautiful starting location !
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    [LP] Julius Caesar: First Look

    Ok, I've got that now. But it makes the ability a bit underwhelming. You can only raid once every 10 turns, so it works out at a max 10 gold per turn, and to get that you have tie up several units surrounding the camp to deal with the constant spawning of barbarians (costing a good part of...
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    [LP] Julius Caesar: First Look

    If this has already been noted I apologise. Julius doesn't seem to get his gold bonus for dispersing the barbarian camp when Baarbarian Clans is enabled. He gets it ok without the Clans. Disappointing, as I always like playing with the Clans.
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    [LP] Leader Pass: Great Negotiators Technical Issues

    Apparently I was linked, though I have never enabled scout cat, so I doubt I did it deliberately. Anyway, that was just an asie. The main issue is the LP, and as Laurana suggests I'll wait a few more days before shouting for help again.
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    [LP] Leader Pass: Great Negotiators Technical Issues

    I'm sure this has been answered, but there have been so many hundreds of post on this that I don't know where to look. I have bought R&F, GS, and NFP, but no leader pack appears. As far as I know, this is all the DLC, though I don't have Anthology (I didn't even know it existed till...
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    A Trip down Memory Lane

    I have been playing Civ since Civ 1 first came out in 1991 (?). Since the days when PC games pretty well ceased being produced - around 2000 - Civ has been my only gaming, and takes up several hours every day. However, I have fond memories of other games in more innocent days. In the 1980s...
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    [LP] Julius Caesar: First Look

    Thanks, too,Disgustipated :)
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    [LP] Julius Caesar: First Look

    Many thanks Pokiehl for a constructive and helpful reply. No thanks the show offs and yah-boo merchants who merely want to put people down.
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    [LP] Julius Caesar: First Look

    Help please ! Up till now, all DLC has just appeared in the game when I've paid for it. No issue of having to sign up to anything or open any account (after the initial Steam account). I presume the new leaders (bar Caesar) will be delivered in the same way. However, it seems Caesar requires...
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    Civilization Leader Pass: New DLC most likely coming!

    I'm no linguist, so may be wrong, but I thought Theodoric came from the same root as English Theodore, from the Greek "gift of God".
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    Victory Types

    Now we know Civ VI isn't at an end (and a new pass probably mean Civ VII is a good way off) I'm putting a request to the devs. I find I can get a domination victory a bit too easily (and I always play as Deity on a Huge map). I'd like a further victory type: "Conquest". This is like...
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    So anyway, place your bets: when will civ7 arrive?

    Hmmm... I like it because it is board-gamey. And if it ceased to be turn-based, it would be the end of it for me (after non-stop use since civ 1).
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    Monoplies Bug

    Slightly esoteric and unimportant, but nonetheless irritating... I play with Monopolies and Corporations (the latter I ignore as worthless). Monpolies can grant very good bonus income, as well as food and production. In my current game, having gained the Mercantilism civic, I learn that there...
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