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  • :snurkle: I get very confused with this visitor message thingy Agey, you know that ...
    Hello chook!
    Been out, having a real life and ignoring Civ for the evening.
    However, got a long weekend now and can apply myself to the task.
    Must read Misotu's post carefully. carefully, I tell you!
    Now then, you!
    Using insecure conversational media without prior appointment or official dispensation from Her Majesty's government is a felony under law (GB statute 12847, 1989)

    (in any case, I ducked in, you spotted me, and I ducked out again before you could post :p)

    The Underminer
    Right then. That's enough of repeating the 4 yorkshiremen sketch.
    You're off to do a spot of photo-editing.
    We can leave this vague approximation of MSN for a while, and catch up again.
    I'll expect to see an 'interesting' new avatar for you next time I look :o
    You were lucky. We used to dream of deity level. Our AI used to get us up at 4am, 2 hours before we went to bed, and murder oos in cold blood.
    I just looked at paint. I think it will work if you open the photo of your choice. Look at the menu 'image'/'attributes' and see how it compares to 100 by 100 pixels. Then you can resize it by using 'image'/'stretch/skew'. It's not so nice as e.g. Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop, but you can do it with a bit of tinkering.
    You can do it in ms paint. I'll just go and have a look.
    ps. I assume your nephews know you by your superhero identity ;)
    You should see me trying to cook xmas dinner (!) - Hmm that was a kind of random aside.

    So, you survived the miffy kitty assault. Good. Now relaxing into Civ-world again and basking in the glow of your recent achievement...?
    Make that a slow typist - or someone who's gone off to check something out and then forgotten to refresh the page again.
    LOL. Now I've just read your two latest posts together and I'm wondering what kind of picture you're going to post! :eek:
    Now, really, I think you just have to have your chosen piccie as a jpeg. Get your chosen photo editor and crop it to 100x100 pixels. Upload it on your profile page and Roberta is your auntie.
    Mis. You're back. Does the house remember you? (sometimes they pine...)
    By the way, I'm not entirely sure that these conversations are private. They might be viewable by anyone who looks at you profile, which would be strange...
    Yay! (MSN this is not! - you have to refresh the page to see new messages, and I now realise I have to respond on your profile page and not mine <dur>)
    I've been posting responses to you, but I don't think they're getting through....
    How bizarre.
    I'm posting this response in a different way in the hope that this one gets through.
    Of course, knowing my luck you will have got all the earlier ones as well by now, plus this one, and will be drowning in AgedOne spam.
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