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Aug 12, 2014
    1. JohannaK
      wait, when did the Scandinavian Revolution happen? :confused:
    2. JohannaK
      Hey Momo. Adjuuramark here. As a former kongolese territory, I would like to know more or less the state of infrastructure in the Horn of Africa? As in, state of roads (highways?) and railroads, etc.
    3. erez87
      Just a small reminder to vote in KhanNES ;)
    4. Robert Can't
      Robert Can't
      Good Morning, Just to let you know that IOT:Chiron is now starting and can be found here. You might not remember but you did sign up back at sign ups.
    5. Nintz
      That's fine. We can add you in. Just give me a minute to work on it.
    6. Nintz
      Because you failed to respond to any messages we sent you.

      We still have extended an open invitation to you, so if you wish to join simply announce it in the thread. We will confirm your joining.
    7. Nintz
      Did you recieve my PM?
    8. madtemplar0
      An alliance? This is a bit much for me at the start of a game which I barely know anything about. I am perfectly open to an alliance, which does not of course cause me conflict with the church, some time in the near future. But until game start, I would like to refrain from any major diplomacy, as seen with my refusal to ally the Papal States.

      With that said, I am willing to form a non-aggression pact, where we agree to not fight any time soon, and recognize each other's right to land. I shall be speaking of this in terms of those thick grey regional lines, not the thin provincial lines-- I would like the province to my East, the one beyond it, and the one to my South-East. You are free to take Denmark and Northern France, as well as anywhere beyond; I want my Germany, and that's about the extent of my plans right now.

      So does a mutual non-aggression pact seem OK?
    9. Mickzter97
      Join us...please we could use your help.
    10. hoplitejoe
      I am rather on the wrong side of an ocean to see him for the time being I fear.
    11. hoplitejoe
      Childish Gambino :thumbsup:
    12. Terrance888
      [shamelessplug]Hey. Join mine! The NES' Link is in the sig. (last one) :D[/shamelessplug]
    13. christos200
      In Realpolitik: Populus Repraesentativum do you want to join my party?
    14. Tambien
      Well, basically you start/join party and try to get elected to the government. Its not too complicated.
    15. Tambien
    16. Tambien
      If I were to start and RP would you join?
    17. Double A
      Double A
      box is full
    18. Double A
      Double A
      Thanks. :)
    19. Double A
      Double A
      It doesn't reassure ME very much, though. Or likely Siberia. The two of us have barely any armies on our borders with you, and it's not like we can sneak build anything.
    20. Double A
      Double A
      So... why did you build so many divisions inland?
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