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  • Cervantes nerfed to hell? Or do you mean simplified? I think he's a cool guy, but from what I hear he's pretty good. Almost all the tier list people have come up with have him as one of the top.

    A lot of people think Leixia is overpowered mainly I believe because Kayane pwned everyone in that French tournament right before the game came out, but she's really not. Her damage is so not A-tier acceptable (although she's not bad, either). She can't break sixty damage with a combo that's not counter and doesn't use any meter. Alpha is so ridiculous with his damage though lol. Do you have XBL or PSN?
    I haven't even played the story mode yet ... haha, I have no interest in what happens to Pat and Pyrrha at all, I just like his fighting style (was a Cass main in SCII). I like simple styles, too. A lot of Leixia players are complaining because she isn't nearly as OP as Xianghua was in II or III, but I guess that's the price to pay for maining a character that was once the best in the game. I've never really played Mitsu before, but I hear tell of this 'relic stance' that a lot of people are complaining about because it got taken out.
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