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    Units of Assassins's Creed

    Hi, maybe you can begin your hunt here...
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    New Unit - Giant Crab December 25, 2018

    In time, as usual, comes a gift for CivFans ! Thanks a lot !
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    Empires of the East: Mysore

    Civ3 still alive...
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    Tom's Unit Factory

    maybe an army unit ?
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    Main Site Re-opened

    Nice job ! Thanks to keep alive our dreams !!!
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    Solaris 29/04/07

    ...six years after last post ... in the download library you can find both versions...
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    Russian city set

    hihihi I do not remember this !!! happy to helped you !!!
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    Poll: Heads Up! Contest September 2014

    :king: For the winner... hip hip hurra'
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    Poll: Heads Up! Contest September 2014

    The picture showed above has edited first time on april 2014, less or more. For complete information, I've added the link at the whole pack but the picture is not included in it... sorry for unperfect english.
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    Monthly Competitions Submissions Thread IV

    predator, star wars, robocop, hellraiser ... nice job, wuhjah
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    Monthly Competitions Submissions Thread IV

    Hi folks ! For my personal copy of WarHammer-Mod, I made this pic for the SKAVEN race... For the complete pack:
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    Russian city set

    after a couple of redbull & moskovskaya drinks this is the result Help the civfanatics friends !!!!!
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    Colored PoisonedWindGlobadier

    Yes it is ! The glass sphere contain a warpstone gas misture. Tecnically, the animation is an rock-thrower unit, with the gas cloud added.
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    Colored PoisonedWindGlobadier

    I read somewhere that LizardmenRule! during the creation of this unit had the setting of the program in grayscale. I found the original, and I did a quick merge files and palettes. If this can help someone ... Zip.file contains unit and Pedia pics.
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    Éirinn go Brách: Medieval Ireland

    great job :goodjob: wonderful complete list.
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