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    [BTS] High DPI / 4K Displays / Bigger Font Mods (question)

    Is there any mod that updates the Civilization 4 interface to support high DPI/resolution monitors or change the in-game font? I've always disliked the spider-thin serif font that the game uses by default but it continues to get worse visually as the standard monitor resolution has increased...
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    How to speed up leader animations?

    Thanks, that is what I was looking for, can't believe I missed something so obvious. This question is now fully answered and accepted and so this thread is now closed.
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    Cities can no longer receive yields from more than one regional building per type

    Are IZ adjacency bonuses only provided to the city that the IZ is built in? Because cities of mine within the aforementioned 6 tiles aren't seeing any bonus added for the IZ adjacency bonus production.
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    How to speed up leader animations?

    Where is this option? I've gone through all the user config files in my documents folder and see no entry that indicates such.
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    Essential mods

    Have you checked out the downloads section of civ fanatics? Just sort by most downloaded and you'll find some popular quality of life mods.
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    How to speed up leader animations?

    i can't be the only one annoyed by this. Every new civ I meet I'm sitting there hammering my esc key because of the ridiculously long leader animations. Oh, did the entire world just denounce me this turn? Might as well set a stone on my esc key and go have a snack, I have the time. Rant aside...
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    Not Caring For the New Leaders

    I guess I'm not into rp as much as you, I've always cared more about the leaders in game traits and abilities than I did their personal charisma. That being said, I actually am glad they introduced some less iconic leaders this time as it gave me the incentive to read about their history...
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    Worth upgrading GPU?

    Civ 6 can soak up around 4.5 GB of graphics memory on standard maps with high graphical settings. The question is when are you seeing frame rate drops? When you scroll out? Then it's likely the graphics card. During turns? Then it's likely the CPU. Or it could even be a combo of the two, you...
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    Kill missionaries?

    1.Units adopt their nation's diplomatic stance with you. If their country is at war with you then so are they. 3. Yes, the same conditions apply to sea resources that land resources require. 4. Click on your city name and in the panel that comes select the purchase with faith button, it has a...
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    Problems with Logitech Arx Control and Civ 6

    Most recent patch for civilization six said it now supports the Logitech Arx iOS and android apps but whenever I try to use it ingame all I get are a bunch of HTML tags. Has anyone successfully used Arx with civilization 6?
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    Is there an option to enable auto play?

    I'd like to jump into some randomly generated histories and see if I can beat them but I can't find any auto play options for the AI that allow me to take over. For example, I'd like the game to auto play for 200 turns and then turn the civilization over to me to play for the rest of the game...
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    Clara Schumann is not a Great Artist of the Atomic Era

    Firaxis have always tried to shake things up a bit between games and introduce new faces to the series. While some recycling is going to take place I'm not at all against giving exposure to some less known people who made a difference in their own right. That said, a couple of choices do apppear...
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    the game lacks story and dynamism

    So random events are positive and make a game more dynamic but random agendas don't ? I'll never get these sort of inconsistent complaints. I'm some who loved 4, barely played 5 and love 6. Shocking I know that people enjoy some things you don't. Oh and I also did a positive first impressions...
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    Load savegame times - are they long because Sean Bean yabbers on?

    TBH if you currently are using a SSD you aren't going to see any real world difference moving to the 850 pro. That said, if you need a SSD it's hard to go wrong with the 850 series from Samsung. I have the consumer version and it's great.
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