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    Small fixes suggestions not worth their own thread

    Speaking of city damage... To insert a city's build or project order at the front of the queue it's CTRL+ except to repair the city it's SHIFT+ ???
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    Small fixes suggestions not worth their own thread

    Tribal Alliance I like the idea but it isn't practical when you get to use their troops to bolster your army and they only move ONCE a turn. By the time I can get them to most engagements the war is over. Can someone explain why this is or, hopefully, give them 3 moves or at least 2; something.
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    Generals and life expectancy

    Aside from the obvious (being a General in combat runs a risk of injury or death) does being a General have any adverse affect on the character's health or life expectancy? When I make someone a General I generally leave them there. If the General adds XP every turn this is a good reason to...
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    Cities: Specialize or Generalize?

    That's a great point; but strictly early game, correct? There is usually one city capable of pumping out settlers 3 or 4 turns quicker than the rest and I will use that one repeatedly.
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    Cities: Specialize or Generalize?

    I'm curious how others regard this and what they see as benefits and drawbacks. Myself, I think I mostly generalize my cities. Meaning, I'll tend to build the same improvements in the same order more or less as they are unlocked. I'm talking about both 'buildings' built by workers on the map...
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    Crashes, Crashes and More Crashes

    imo, needs to be the manual 'quick save' and not the auto-save every turn option. Because the auto-saves happen at the beginning of every turn. Crashes are happening at the end of the turn. Do the manual quick save at the end of the turn right before 'ending the turn'.
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    Crashes, Crashes and More Crashes

    Not specific to any Windows update, etc. but I've found something that I believe is helping with the frequency of crashes lately. I have been mostly playing the TSL Huge Earth map btw; no mods or other modifications; all CIV6 DLC and updates installed. For me, I started doing a "quick save...
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    Naming Spies, Archaeologists, etc.

    I seldom rename these but I always rename Vampires and I have two names I use. Baron Von Barron is my favorite.
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    what most annoys you about Civ 6?

    I want to love Ley Lines completely and without reservation. But it annoys that I cannot build anything on top of them. Couldn't these hexes allow any of the 'unique improvements'? Not to mention that you CAN have improvements on ley line hexes so long as the improvement is down before you...
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    What is the best tile improvement in the game?

    I think about this too; here are some ideas I've come up with. Chopping should be most useful early, in the first 2 or 3 ages. After that the boosts should taper off imo. Old growth forest should be better than replanted forest later in the game; maybe +2 appeal vs. +1 or +1 and have...
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    Huge Earth TSL Map

    Yes! I am doing that right now. It's all about getting the natural wonder Torres Del Paine; for me it was two moves to the south to find it. Double yield is great but also there will be more 'breathtaking' tiles to create their amazing unique building.
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    Huge Earth TSL Map

    Doesn't everybody control which Civs/Leaders are in their games now? It's already been said but if you leave it to chance there are WAY too many European-based civs to disperse equally/fairly across the continent. So hand pick a few as well as a few for Africa, a few for Asia, the Americas...
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    The 2000 Hour Club...

    I had *almost* 2000 hours in Civ V which I have not played since 2016. In Civ 6 I have 4800 hours and counting.
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    How does the Barbarian clans mode interact with the Terra mapscript?

    I'm doing a lot with the Terra map and Barbarian Clans mode lately. I have resorted to tweaking (down) the number of starting City-States because of how Barbarian Clans evolve into City States over time. Now when I make it to the New World it doesn't feel quite so over-populated. Other than...
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    [NFP] What is the worst looking leader in your opinion?

    Ironically, feels to me like it's the most recent portraits that are the worst. Kublai Khan and Hammurabi for me. Neither is particularly realistic or artfully cartoonish. Doesn't help that both appear to be pissed off.
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