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    Accurate Earth Map in development

    I think Mattastic has a point. I am not going to claim to know anything about the imperial efforts of the German empire, but I don't think that any Civ's settler maps should only be based on which lands they attempted to capture at some point in history, especially by a person who was interested...
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    Accurate Earth Map in development

    Yikes, pretty much every other tile in Spain is a resource.
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    An Idea for Techs!

    Hmm, but what if you were given only mounted units, and an enemy was given only units that are good against mounted units. You would be decimated. Not to mention that this would require the introduction of hundreds of new units. What about techs that don't reveal anything and don't strictly let...
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    Accurate Earth Map in development

    From wikipedia: "The Upper Peninsula is very rich in mineral deposits including iron, copper, nickel and silver. Small amounts of gold have also been discovered and mined. In the 19th century, mining dominated the economy, and the U.P. became home to many isolated company towns. For many years...
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    Accurate Earth Map in development

    Tell that to the residents of Copper Harbor, MI. :) You are probably right though, I will try to do a little research to find out if the copper mines there are as big of a deal as I was always taught.
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    Accurate Earth Map in development

    The Settler map idea is pretty cool, but I wonder how it would effect a certain civ's chances of winning. The Maya map you've shown says that the Maya are only interested in settling a relatively small area. Does this mean that, if they have already settled all of their interested area, they...
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    What is your quickest loss?

    Irrelevant question: What is OOC?
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    RevolutionDCM for BTS

    I am getting the same problem.
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    Mod component idea... NATURAL WONDERS

    There was another thread about this, there were some good ideas in there. If I wasn't so lazy I would go look for it.
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    Accurate Earth Map in development

    I hate to be nitpicky, and maybe it's just my inflated perception of Michigan, but I think that the upper peninsula should have a copper resource, there are several copper mines that have been running for centuries close to Lake Superior. Otherwise it looks fantastic. Thanks.
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    Accurate Earth Map in development

    First of all I would like to commend you on your terrific work. I was reading through some older posts, and about a month ago or so you said that you were going to show us a view of the great lakes region. I would be very grateful if you could do just that (I'm from Michigan). Thanks in advance.
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    Weird observation - pastures

    Yeah I knew what he was saying, I just found it funny that he said he was mining sheep.
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    burnt out

    I'm having the same problem. I start a game and play for maybe an hour, then I just get bored/frustrated and just close it without saving. Seems that the only interesting part anymore is the very beginning. But after you have expanded as far as you can and found all of the resources you're going...
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    Weird observation - pastures

    You should play as an animal rights activist and just not harness them. Then you get to watch them jump merrily all game long.
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