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My Pet Hamster
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Apr 4, 2010
Sep 9, 2009
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Jan 5, 1996 (Age: 25)
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My Pet Hamster

Just hangin', 25

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Apr 4, 2010
    1. Dachs
      I'm getting a history degree, so yeah, I have a good reason. :p
    2. Dachs
      King of Prussia, not Holy Roman or German Emperor.
    3. chaos0987654321
      yea well im not the.....poetic type.......im more direct than that
    4. Dachs
      It's not Mozart. It's this guy. At least they were contemporaries. :p
    5. chaos0987654321
    6. History buff33
      History buff33
      Ha ha, My awesomeness and your awesomeness combine to make double uber awesomeness!
    7. chaos0987654321
      oh sorry i said i was gonna try to play Civ 4 online, right now....but um i forgot.......i had some personal issues.......im still goin through them
    8. Huayna Capac357
    9. azzaman333
    10. Askthepizzaguy
      Hey! Sure, why not. Do I know you from somewhere?
    11. Dachs
      Feh, Irish slang. :p Uh...not much? I turned 19?
    12. chaos0987654321
      heheh dude i know how you feel, im a helluva lot (book)smarter than most of my friends and after 2 years, i "just now" started to be able to translate my sophiticated thought processes into maintstream language so i dont look like an idiot
    13. My Pet Hamster
      My Pet Hamster
      Thanks. I try to aggravate at least one person per day with humor( the next victim could be you!:devil::mischief:)
    14. Sharwood
      The conversation between MPH and Cheezy is about the funniest goddamn thing I've read in months.
    15. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      "Da" is a Russian word. We don't use it in the English language.

      The game you refer to died a long time ago, before the summer even started. Sorry.
    16. My Pet Hamster
      My Pet Hamster
      Hey, everybody! I was just wondering... Would anybody like to join "Just cause we can"? It's basically just random conversation 'cause I like to just say random things or sometimes have a random question that I can't find the answer to on d'interweb (the internet) so if anyone ever feels like that just post it and someone's bound to find it and answer any queries you might have... or you could just post something for no reason. Doesn't really matter to me.
    17. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      What the flying crap are you talking about?
    18. My Pet Hamster
      My Pet Hamster
      I may be George Michael. I may also be nasaly ********. What I am... I'm hungry.
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    Jan 5, 1996 (Age: 25)
    see above
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    Oh, the Irish Empire?:lol: You mean you haven't heard?:confused: Ireland's taking over the world!:D You still haven't heard?:( Oh, well, it's coming anyway.:mischief:-Daire W.J. Coburn
    92% of teens moved on to rap music. If you're one of the 8% that rock out every day please add this to your sig. 90% of teens would die if MySpace had a critical failure and everything on it was deleted. If you're one of the 10% that would be laughing, please add this to your sig. My political compass: Authoritarian/Libertarian|Left/Right =-3.69|0.00