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  • Narz on there too. Message me on here what times are good for you & I can meet you in live chess. What's your acct name? Same as CFC?
    Sure dude, I'm not really feeling correspondence chess (email chess) much but happy to play live online if you sign up for a free chess.com account.
    Dude, I'm pretty sure that Funny pic, while fitting the "XXX" thread title, is somehow against the rules.
    It is very funny that at this day - out of nowhere - you gave this message. Because I went through some radical changes in my ways of looking at the world and myself at just that time. And those changes exposed my "trying to believe" as very misguided. And what is left is nothing more than what all my senses and feelings tell me (and by extension what my logic can make of that). And I find myself flourishing without even really trying when compared to my previous mindset or put differently in a way which feels utmost natural. I could say "even tho hardly everything is sunshine", but that wouldn't be right, because part of it is to embrace the shadow, while still not surrendering to it.
    "To know" doesn't seem like a perfect match for this, but it seems a lot closer than believe, whereas believe seems a lot closer to my previous state of mind.

    So I don't know if that is what you meant, but I feel like you posted your advice just when I'd find myself very much agreeing with you.
    hey, how come i don't see you on chess. com? don't u play? i play several games daily, would love to play some together :)
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