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    Independent Civilization ideas

    Hmm. So I just read the entirety of this thread (nice relaxing morning) and there are so many good ideas for basically a "civ3+". I love it. And, as a plus, everything is so far turning out to look much more polished than any other third-party "port" or rebuild that I've seen before. I'm getting...
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    Yes, it is all very possible. No worries man, it was just that like 3 people had taken me for a noob that day. My fault, not yours.
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    Question on anarchy...

    Oh yea...the AI doesn't use scientists/tax etc...does it?
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    Question on anarchy...

    I was just gonna make in an improvement.
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    Help! My wife hates civ!

    Maybe that's the problem, she might think she's the only one doing the work and you lay around all day playing civ.
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    Diplomacy for Team SABER

    I'd say around 40g.
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    What was the luckiest thing that ever happen to you...

    Well...there was those two redheads my sophomore year.... Just kidding. My luckiest thing to ever happen would be conquering all of europe form Rome west, removing 4 civilizations, with 1 archer. I was playing Marla Singer's World Map with my own civ starting locations added in. -Nate
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    Preview: Mountain Command

    WHOOO! FIRST POST! For my first time. That looks pretty cool. I dunn ohwo to use it either, but it does look cool.
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    A question about the domestic advisor

    Wow.... Spain is ok but come's animations. Just watch the real thing if you want it that bad. Or download the Babes advisor pack, in the customization forum. It has playboy playmates. -Nate
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    One More Turn Theatre

    wow...i got scared for a while WW. I actually stopped watching this page, but saw it as the latest posted-in thread for this forum from the main page. You really shouldn't do that. :P -Nate
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    Quick Answers / 'Newbie' Questions

    To clarify what couldx be a confusingh post - ihad to read it twice, andi know about the bug - which Cult. linked starts on, the american civs are ALWAYS put into random slots, no matter what. It takes away some of the fun of setting random, becuase you know that Inca, Aztec, Maya, Iroquois...
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    automated worker loop

    Having it on automated, and having rails. It just happens. That's why you don't automate. -Nate
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    French Submit!! Reliquish largest land claim in History!!

    Haha. Actually, it really doesn't play too bad. It helps that by the time i'm in the industrial age i've either won or am building, so I don't have to deal with lots of units and IBT is only moderate. Besides, if I nat during the day I'l lbe up even later at night than I usually am. -Nate
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    French Submit!! Reliquish largest land claim in History!!

    Hell if i know. An HP Pavillion Slimline. Found in in the comp. 787 GHz, 960 MB RAM. doesn't play too bad.
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    French Submit!! Reliquish largest land claim in History!!

    I don't care about the hard-coded limit, i always play at the maximun number allowed in the editor. I missread what ya said, i thought u said giga, not mega. I agree, giga's bigger than mega. :p
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