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    Attacking Vassal pairs.

    You can't vassalise a civ until it has no vassals. Either get them to break away or kill them.
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    What are the Best Units for Defending Cities in Each Age?

    The best unit to defend cities with is the "Stack-of-Doom" unit, and you should always have one once the early stages of the game are out of the way. That way when someone attacks you can move your SoD and either defend the city or retake it and move onwards. If you must garrison a city...
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    Condensed tips for higher levels?

    Can you build Cannon ? can you draft rifles ? then you can beat most opponents. Can you build Arty ? then you can beat the rest ...unless you need boats ... unless they have nukes...
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    Condensed tips for higher levels?

    Well you've nearly gone a whole page with no actual tips yet - hardly condensed ! But I concur that prince is too low to pitch to and deity too high. I stayed in my chair though.... As for youtube I tend to watch AbsoluteZeros's games mostly these days (more than playing the game myself...
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    When you feel AWESOME

    I just played two games at emperor, my current level of difficulty. In the first (pangea)I seemed to start badly, got dogpiled, and generally played what I thought would be a lost game - but I won !! The dogpile didn't hit that hard (someone must have got bribed and took his time getting his...
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    What difficulty level do you play on? Poll

    Emperor, although I find most of my wins these days are on pangea maps, when I move off them my win rate drops from 75% to about 10%.
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    When, if ever, should you go Worker-Worker?

    I'll go worker-worker if I have a ton of forests and elect to beeline BW. Then I usually look out for an opportunity to axe-rush. At this point I realise I'm alone on my island and will probably lose the game.
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    Hallstatt should be the Celtic capital...

    Actually I think I missed the European references in Civ4, I was probably thinking along the lines of the Celts in Civ2. Which is a shame on two counts :- 1. Non-english Briton+Irish don't have a Civ any more. 2. Vercingetorix isn't a leader - How rude ! I did notice him as a GG in a game...
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    Hallstatt should be the Celtic capital...

    Yes it is. However only a small part of it is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Celts were spread through Europe, not just Britain. having celts in Civ means we can have the English (a good thing imho :) ) but given the way that in Civ4 Celtia is taken to mean...
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    The Woodsman Quecha of Doom

    I must confess that these days I don't play with huts on, so I can't do this "slaver" start from a hut anymore. Maybe ambushing archers with quechas will help me get the xps I need.. Hmmm
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    Who to attack Strong or Weak?

    You should also look at relative tech as a high tech target can bribe a lower tech ally in with tech gifts.
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    The Woodsman Quecha of Doom

    This tactic can work with any warrior, not just quecha's. Sure you can't attack archers, but you can upgrade your warrior when you get bronzeworking & copper. I think its possible to go straight to woody2 with the xp from a hut xp event, and turning the warrior into a slaver like this is the...
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    How can I detect WHEORN using python ?

    OK, thanks - That will cut down on the eyestrain :scan:
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    How can I detect WHEORN using python ?

    Like the title says. I've been scanning the python files for this capability, but I'm getting squared-eyed and still no luck. It comes up on the help text in the contact screen (which I think is sometimes inconsistently called the diplomacy screen) but even if I try to do a system search...
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    Funny Video: Madscientist loses the Gandhi RPC

    You certainly do, its awesome. Well worth the necro-thread, but I don't have a copy :(
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